Have yourself a Keane Christmas!

I am plagued with this sickness of constantly hearing songs, melodies, mixes, etc. in my head. The other day I heard the carol ‘Angels We Have Heard on High’ inside of Keane’s radio friendly ‘Is it any wonder?’ We played it in church last Sunday and I thought it was just scrumptious! Go ahead and listen for yourself…you’ll hear this ridiculously sweet guitar lick, drums and bass come in, oh it’s picking up! You’re foot’s tapping, head may be bobbing now! Get ready for it though because when Tom starts singing you’re going to sing ‘Angels we have heard on high…’

YOWZERS! Wasn’t that fun?!?!?! Well it was for me and it will be again on the 24th when we play it again Sunday morning!


1 Response to “Have yourself a Keane Christmas!”

  1. December 18, 2006 at 1:17 am

    I know I heard it already done last weekend, and I was diggin it, but it still didnt really click then…Now that I know where you went with it and whatnot, I FREAKIN love it dude!! I think its pretty sick!! Listening to the song here I could here it perfect…All that being said, I still think it needs to be minus the whole GLORIA part…Something with more kick and not so much ‘baptist hymnal-ish’

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