The lifted load

Man, I’ve got to brag on my worship team! See, I have this problem called ‘anxiety.’ I’m horrible at delegating to begin with but we’re doing this real special Christmas Eve service that calls for like 12 songs! We’re doing everything from an A Capella version of “Silent Night” to freakin’ throwing down with MercyMe’s version of “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.” And see where the anxiety comes in to play is that not all of these songs are led by the guitar. Some of them are led by keys, piano, or just a nice big phat padded synth sound. And as awesome and incredibly sweet it sounds like that, and the dynamics that it throws into the mix, it causes me to (come on 80s fans…) AHHHHHHHHH FREAK OUT!

I just can’t help it. I have no control over the tempo, the confidence of the player, the skill of the player, the ability to save it if they just panic and pass out. But tonight…yes tonight was fantabulous! What an idiot I am! For starters- these people have big honking hearts who just want to play and praise God! Which really relieves the pressure of it all! And for seconds- I’m really NOT that important! God’s going to get praise whether we pull it off perfectly or whether we botch up the bridge by hitting an A#m instead of a G#m. People will continue to sing if God’s moving their hearts whether the guitar player nails that riff with distortion or not…or if he remembers to play that riff at all!

Now I’m not refuting playing skillfully! OH NO! There’s plenty to say there. What I am talking about here is priority. Letting perfection get to the place where you’re worrying, anxious, sweating it out all day because you know you’re not going to have ‘control’ on a couple of tunes tonight and what could happen. Priority that praise outweighs performance. Priority that people outweigh perfection.

I’ve always known this, you have too. For some reason though it really settled in tonight.

Thanks guys! You’re amazing to play with!

Thanks God! You’re really big and I’m tee tiny. And that’s OK.


2 Responses to “The lifted load”

  1. 1 Dad
    December 22, 2006 at 8:52 am

    I know just how you feel. When I tried out with THE BEATLES, I hit all the wrong notes. Or was it keys? No wait it was chords!! Who can remember any more? And does it really matter to HIM. I think HE just wanted A JOYFUL NOISE, not rap crap!! I have been truly blessed with not only a Beautiful, loving wife and 3 healthy sons, but in-laws who love me as a son. Who could ask for more? Right now I am at work, where most of my fellow workers don’t want to contribute for the lunch we will be providing. I will be buying the food from Piccidilly, in hopes that some may reimberse me. But, I refuse to let these people ruin my Christmas Spirit.

  2. 2 Brandi
    December 22, 2006 at 10:42 am

    Hey Conner,

    I know how you feel…well, not exaclty cause I am not into all the guitar/instrument/keys/melodies, etc. (just the singing part) thing like you but, Christmas this year just doesn’t seem to “Christmasy” for me. I’m not too excited about it…which is odd cause I am usually pumped about what gifts I am getting (selfish, I know). But, I am not even excited about that. Every morning we do this devotional thing at our work, which is really cool, and it kind of reminded me about the true meaning of Christmas and then, I got your email right after and I was like, “alright, God is trying to tell me something.” You are sooo right!! God is in control and everything will work out and I am not the important one. The gift is already here and I am having a hard time accepting that this Christmas. Thanks for the reminder!!

    God is humongous and I am soooo not!!

    Your sis

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