New Year, new…blah, blah, blah

I’m sorry. I just can’t. I tried writing a ‘New Year’ post and I just couldn’t. I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing how I didn’t post a ‘Christmas’ post. But hey I’m a newbie and don’t know any better! I’m just not going to do the ‘Top 5 Things You’ll See Change Around Here’ or ‘My Resolution For A New and Better Blog’ or ‘Blah Blah Blah’ you get the picture. I’d like to bid ‘Adieu’ to 2006, you were a rocking year! Many great memories and a year of changes for me, many for the better! I’d like to welcome 2007 with a manly big high 5 because we’re going to hit the ground running and get our money’s worth for 365 days my friend!

I don’t do the whole ‘resolution’ thing. I never really have. Yeah a new year, a new start, a new beginning I get it. I guess I just hate seeing January as the start-over period. You make a resolution and fall out of it 3 months in and decide that you can’t try and start over again until 9 months later when January rolls around again?!?! OK that was unfair, you probably make it all the way up to May. That’d be insane if we actually said that out loud, but don’t we do that? What if we played sports that way! Gave it our all for the first quarter of the game but saw we were behind by a touchdown and a field-goal and decided, ‘Well we do play them again next year! I guess we could make it up then!’ Ahhh, that’s probably the Benadryl just kicking in. My sinuses beat me up with Louisiana weather when we get hot/cold/rainy hot/rainy cold back and forth. Maybe I should just wait until Summer to get out of bed when all this is done and over with?!?

Wow this is coming out way more cynical and ferocious than I intended. Let’s part here, I pray 2007 is significant for you! Hey we’ll make mistakes, we’ll fail, we’ll cry, we’ll also bring home some trophies, we’ll make a difference in someone’s life (whether we even know it or not), we’ll laugh, we’ll make hard decisions, we’ll make money, and we’ll tell a story. How you live is how you tell others what you’re about. What you talk about, what you tell others about, how you spend your money is how you worship. No, I’m not saying you’re a Christian, I’m saying you’re a worshiper. It’s regardless of religion. You worship someone/thing all the time, everyday. Worship is making much of something or someone; giving praise and honor and adulation to someone/thing. That’s God or your girlfriend. That’s the newest movie out this weekend or the latest YouTube video. I simply ask that you be cognisant of that fact. Choose what/who you’ll worship. Don’t ‘resolve’ to worship ____ this year. Simply be aware of it. You’ll tell a story this year, what will it be about?

I’ll tell a story this year and I hope you’ll read about it and tell your friends here at WorshipCity. God bless you and yours for a significant 07!


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