Here we go Tigers…there you go???

Reports say Russell is gone…

LSU quarterback, JaMarcus Russell will hold a press conference Wednesday (today) to announce if he will leave school for the NFL or return for his senior year. But several media outlets, including ESPN and The Times-Picayune, say Russell has decided to turn pro. Russell’s stock shot up after the Sugar Bowl and some NFL experts cited by ESPN think he could be the first or second player taken in April’s draft.

So unless you were under a rock and missed the Tiger’s spanking on them lil Leprechauns this really shouldn’t come as much a surprise. I mean the dude is a hoss and a big ole boy. I remember the announcer’s throwing out some stats like he can huff a bowl 80 yards standing, 60 on his knees, and 40 yards sitting in his bumm. I don’t know how true that is but damn I can imagine him doing that! I’ve got mixed emotions because it would be wicked to have him back at LSU as we embarrass Saban next year in his return to the SEC but then again, I can’t wait to see what his pro career is going to do!

3 Responses to “Here we go Tigers…there you go???”

  1. 1 Casey
    January 11, 2007 at 3:03 pm

    Yeah buddy! The reports are out but the player has not revealed his hand yet. Jamarcus is a talented player with impressive stats but I believe it would be in his best interest to stay so he can refine his play more. In one year his skill improved dramatically. Imagine what can happen with one more year? Remember those errant passes? Remember those peppered tosses when a gentle loft was needed? Well, he grew under the tutelage of the LSU coaching staff. He didn’t accomplist the task alone. An early exit for the pros may prove to be a wake up call for the “Big” guy.

    Now, to change sports if I may, I will turn to the LSU basketball program. The Men’s basketball team is loaded with talent yet still fails to execute the basics such as rebounding, defense and patience from time to time. Last Saturday January 6, 2006, I had the privellege to bring 4 yuts from River Community to watch the TIGERS in action! The UCONN Huskies came out on fire dropping shots left and right leaving the Tiger faithful in a daze but not for long. The guys settled down and got back to the basics which resulted in a 20 point Victory! The game was a blast but the fellowship with the Middle School guys outweighed the play on the court. And that leads me to my main point. In this life afforded us we are not run out ahead of everyone without first consulted a trusted friend. Additionally, we should seek the LORD’s face when making decisions whether large or small. My goal of taking the guys to the basketball game was simple – to build a relationship with them. Our heavenly Father seeks the same from us. Ironically, the lesson series we are started for the month is Healthy Friendships. Coincidence? I think NOT! The soveriegn over all set it in motion.

    I don’t know about Jamarcus’ faith but I do know that running ahead of the LORD is never a wise choice. No money, fame, or prestige will ever sustain our need for a relationship with the Savior. He wants us to walk side by side with others so that we can assist, encourage, build up, teach, support and love one another. May the allure of money and fame not be the deciding factors that the LSU quaterback bases his choice. A “Healthy friendship” will protect one from the traps that lie in wait for us.

  2. January 11, 2007 at 3:20 pm

    And a mighty, hefty, ‘AMEN’ echoes through the streets of Worship City 🙂

  3. 3 Jim
    January 18, 2007 at 9:59 am

    – unsuspecting bush # 2 – It’s only my second stop on the blog trail and I’m already unsure where I am… am I leaving a reply to the Jamarcus leaving thing? Did my first stop at the iphone fire hydrant # 1 go through? We need to get back to talking about this stuff when we’re together in person. My position on pro athletes changes like the wind. Hard to question a guy who will take in a few million $ over the next 5 years and has undamaged body parts. A bad shoulder or knee could severely impact his career. I don’t fully understand the rules and payout on insurance for injuries while in the NCAA.

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