Take, take, take it all!


I’m still trying to calm down from one of the craziest, wildest, rauchiest, worship set I’ve played in quite some time! I’ve been off stage now for like a half hour and I’m still jittery! It was AWE-SOME!!! The set looked like:

  1. Tell the world – Hillsong United
  2. Awesome is the Lord – Tomlin
  3. Take it all – HU
  4. Revolution – HU
  5. Beautiful One – Tim Hughes
  6. No One Like You – Crowder
  7. Everlasting God – Lincoln Brewster

What a flippin’ incredibe set! Additionally rockin’ was the fact that 3/4s of the band were my in-laws! Oh man that was incredibly special. My friend led and played guitar, my sis-in-law sang, my bro-in-law rocked the drums, my pop-in-law laid down the bass line, and I led and played electric guitar! Oh it was the greatest! Thank you everybody for a slammin’ great night. The Rock gods were appeased and the Lord God was pleased!


1 Response to “Take, take, take it all!”

  1. January 18, 2007 at 11:01 pm

    Red Byrd..THANKS again bro!!! You added essential elements to make the nite INCREDIBLE!! Can’t wait to hit up your church man…Hopefully we can bring the same intensity just to a different crowd/generation!! Take it easy bro…Late


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