So now what?

So now what?
What a somber day. It was bloody cold. Four days ago now. Boy, how time flies.
I try to put myself in your shoes. Although I can’t really. No one can.
64 years. He’s all you’ve known. You were just a child when he came into your life. And now he’s gone. So now what?
You were different that day, 4 days ago. You didn’t cry. None that I saw. You put on such a strong front, but how you must be hurting inside. I can see why. What a sweet man you lost.

You were chatty that day, 4 days ago. You spoke about every little detail of the ham sandwiches. No one cared really, about the ham sandwiches. We ate them as to not hurt anyone’s feelings. I don’t even really like ham. But that wasn’t the point was it?

You were lonely that day, 4 days ago. Although there was a room full, a house full even, you felt alone. I could tell. No one can know how you feel. And you won’t tell us, it’s not your style.

We have something in common you and I. We were married on the same day, only different decades. Feb 6th – only 50 years apart – we both became Owens’.

A huge part of my heart aches for you still. How you must wake up every morning, alone. How you must now make one breakfast, instead of two. How you must long for someone to talk to in the morning or late at night. Or how you wish to have someone to watch the Dallas Cowboys play with, although they lost yesterday. How you no longer have someone else’s appointments to remember. Or have to wait on to get ready. Or to have to worry about.

64 years.
So now what?

Incredible. Thank you Mrs. D for sharing this. If this reaches in and touches your heart like it did mine, please show some love either here or at Scoots’ livejournal page. Inspired after the passing of her husband’s grandfather, this just gets me everytime. I can’t read it without feeling for my best friend and yet also remembering my Maw Maw and how she must feel without my Paw Paw.



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