Thursday Night Thoughts

I need to admit here that by no means do I claim to have this figured out. Which is why I went with ‘Thoughts’ in the title. Yes, I was going for some type of alliteration with the title but ‘Thought’s is poignant because that’s exactly what they are: my thoughts. They aren’t my conclusions, my findings, my testaments, nope just my thoughts on how practice went and what, if anything, I learned.

And after last week’s practice I learned that no matter how hard you try to learn everyone else’s part to help instruct them, it can still fall to crap 🙂 I mean our rehearsal was awe-ful. And I don’t mean ‘full of awe that your falling on the floor because it’s so amazing and incredible that you just can’t believe it.’ No, no, I mean ‘full of awe that your falling on the floor covering your ears in bewilderment and confusion that you just can’t believe it.’

I don’t know what happened. I know I was a bit distracted because I was picking up the electric for the 1st 2 songs and I’m not an electric player by trade. So, I had that going against me but the night just hit a funk after the first song and we couldn’t really recover. Partly because I had 2 of the songs tabbed out in the wrong keys! (I have a tee tiny bit of theory since I play by ear and sometimes that comes back to haunt me.)

But do you know what happened? This morning, to the best of my knowledge, worship happened. (Especially at the 9:00 service 🙂 You people had it going on!) It came together. We prayed together. We had a good time. I enjoyed playing the Strat! MAN DID I ENJOY IT! And I think God was honored. The songs:

  1. My Glorious – Chris Tomliny version
  2. All to You – Lincoln Brewster
  3. O Praise Him – David Crowder*Band
  4. This is Our God – Chris Tomlin version off live in Austin CD
  5. Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) – Chris Tomlin

Then after the sermon:  Jesus, Lover of My Soul (It’s All About You) was played to wrap up after communion.

I was feeling a bit confused on how people reacted. I questioned whether my own selfish motives for wanting to play the Strat got in the way of doing what was best for the congregation. But on the way out I had a lady, whom I’d never spoken to before, compliment me on the songs for this morning. It was exactly what I needed. Not because I need to feel good about playing or singing well. But that I need affirmation that I complied to God’s leading and chose songs that led people into His presence. I try to ask that of Him on the Sunday ride home but it looks like He beat me to the punch this morning. Thanks God!

We walk this delicate balance of the technical and the supernatural as Lead Worshipers. I think both are essential. One you plan for and the other you prepare for. One you pour yourself out and the other God fills you up. I’ve got to say, I prayed a prayer after “This is Our God” that was just amazing. Prayer is such an incredible thing. Sometimes I get the feeling like I’m rolling through the motions because I know I should. Man, after that song I knew I wanted to pray and the words that came out were just as wonderful and inspiring as if I were singing a song. At least to me they were. It was thick.

I just wished I hadn’t fouled it up by not taking my capo off for “Amazing Grace” and being a whole step and a half above what the rest of the band had music for! They figured it out though. And guess what…worship still happened.

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  1. January 29, 2007 at 4:47 pm

    let me know how dancing generation works out,

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