Reality Check

I found a new banner pic while rummaging through some more photos from my mission trip to Nicaragua last year. I went before Thanksgiving which was only 3 or 4 months ago but it feels like a whole other lifetime. I said back then that the trip was a ‘life-changing event.’ I rarely bring it up anymore. It’s what I feared the most. Coming back to civilization, to television, to Air conditioning, to Wal-marts and Burger Kings, to traffic, to the mall (I hate the mall), to all the distractions that push that experience further away from reality. It numbs the sorrow and the pain and the joy and the freedom that I felt on that trip. It sucks. Isn’t it funny the pace that life moves? I’m more mortified by all the things that I ‘need’ these days to make the day go by. It’s interesting how those things weren’t even thought of for a week without air and Coca Cola.

I’ve wanted to blog about it for sometime now but I think something would be lost in the writing. It’s my hope to get a video blog up and running with my first installment talking about this trip. Unfortunately, I’m not a Mac guy just yet so that process is a bit more difficult. (I’m assuming you’ve seen the latest Mac v. PC commercial where PC’s getting his webcam ‘installed.’ I love that!)

Ah, I’m back at it again. Now I need a Mac instead of my old Toshiba laptop or a new webcam. I’m not sure my intention of the post. I suppose, it’s a way for me to clear my head of the guilt I’ve been feeling regarding my trip. I did want you to know where the incredibly beautiful pictures that make up my banner come from. I don’t feel any less guilty but you now know that Nicaragua is an insanely beautiful, albeit incredibly poor, but beautiful country!


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