Steve Fee-ver

Wow…how awful was that title! If it caught your attention then it worked. Hopefully you’re laughing with me now instead of at me. Now, before I loose you:

Steve Fee has gotten some attention for his new release: Burn For You. AS HE SHOULD! What an incredible release! He’s already the number 1 seller on Independent Bands.com! But I want to talk about the man behind the CD for a moment. There are some great reviews of this album out there but I am just so damn proud of Steve Fee that I’d like to tip my glass and remember for a moment.

I remember back in “the day” on one of the early Passion CDs hearing him for the first time. A friend of mine and I were arguing over whether or not it was Tomlin or Hall and why they sounded so different on this track, “Give Us Clean Hands.” We couldn’t figure it out. It was then that we heard of Steve Fee. Huh, pretty cool. Then he popped up again: “We Are Hungry.” Yeah, loved that song. THEN right before the slamming “Not To Us” was, “Revolution Cry!” Oh man! These lil teasers on each of the CDs that could almost be overlooked.

What I truly loved was his personality, perfectly matched with Amena Brown’s that brought us to One Day in Sherman, Tx. That was the best CD experience I’ve had! It was like he and Amena were in the Explorer with us on this journey to One Day guiding us, telling us when to pause, when to pray, when to laugh! It was a beautiful thing then when he released his debut CD, Sacred Space, and Amena popped up in the title track! My hairs stood up, yes on my neck, arms, legs, it was sweet! And Sacred Space was a killer CD! Conflicted, Here I am for You, Sacred Space, Beauty of Heaven, and What Else Can I Do! Oh, what a powerful worship song.

He had me hooked! I was watching 7/22 religiously by now. Even had a 7/22 CD with him on there as well! I remember him all giddy before he was to leave on his honeymoon! It’s been a long journey and he’s always bounced around in that ‘almost there’ stage it seemed. Everything was “really, really good” but not a push over the edge just yet. Well, I believe, and hope that this has given him that push! What an aggressive release! What a powerful praise and worship CD! Unfortunately, there isn’t an Amena Brown appearance but there are enough vocal goodies and guitar riffs to make your hairs stand up and shout!! Just some insanely incredible tracks on here that rock hard and get you going. And likewise, he’s able to provide you with some mellowy yummy worship tracks as well. It’s wonderfully produced and the whole thing has an incredible vibe to it. It may be a bit too overwhelming for your typical Sunday morning service, but it definitely seems to work at 7/22 from what I’ve been seeing.

Lastly, only time and album sales will tell if this is the success that Steve needs to give him that “push” forward. I hope though that he and the Passion camp have already counted this as a huge monumental success for modern praise and worship music and for advancing the name of Jesus. I know I have. I’ll continue to talk him up and I hope you’ll check him out as well.


3 Responses to “Steve Fee-ver”

  1. February 2, 2007 at 6:06 pm

    BY FAR!! One of my favorite worship song writers that I heard in a WHILE!! Love every bit of this album!! Can’t wait to play some more of his stuff.


  2. February 2, 2007 at 7:45 pm

    Sorry, I just can’t get past the “Steve Fee-ver” heading to type up a decent post.

  3. October 24, 2007 at 7:29 am

    it is indeed a good catchy title!

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