This Day in Music – Slap that butt and wail baby!

Yes today, THIS DAY, in history has birthed 3 incredible musical icons! Oh, had they been born the same year in the same hospital the world would have imploded into madness. But talent like this must be spread out through history. Remember and enjoy!

1943 – Fabian: No, not Fabio. Fabian was a teen idol in the 50s and 60s and performed on American Bandstand for all the ladies! Hits like “I’m a Man”, “Hound Dog Man”, “Turn Me Loose”, and his biggest hit, “Tiger.” Unfortunately for Fabian his musical career screeched to a stop after a scandal revealing his vocals were doctored on his recordings. (Wow who’s ever done that?!?)

1945 – Bob Marley: Ok, there’s no doubt who this guy is. I’ve been to Jamaica and they’re DEFINITELY no doubt down there who he is! (If someone asks you if you’d “Like something for the Rastafarian inside you.” NO is the correct answer!)My wife LOVES “Could You Be Loved!”

1962 – Axl Rose: Early childhood hero until that debacle reunion on one of those crappy MTV Music Award shows. I don’t think an introduction is necessary for this legend. I’m just totally stoked they made an appearance on Guitar Hero 2! Now my Youth at my church can get a taste of what a real Appetite for Destruction tastes like 🙂

Yeah, so I’m terribly sorry it took me this long to get a post out on New Music Tuesday. Crazy long day! Another coast to coast: 9 AM to 9PM day.

Did I forget someone on today? Did you get a slap and wail today many years ago?


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