Thumbs UP/DOWN: Apple!

Thumbs up 1. The Apples in Stereo – Yes, there was Fall Out Boy and Cupid’s Chokehold that released CDs today but I found a little band that’s probably not so little to some of you since this is their 6th LP: New Magnetic Wonder. One of those bands that I consider a ‘cure for the common crap.’ Over the course of this 24 track CD, no musical element is held back! There are old school techniques with hand clapping and whistling and then odd new musical forays that make the experience uncommon and interesting. Amidst the 24 tracks are scattered about a dozen ‘interludes’ which I simply love when bands do this. The Apples do this quite well. They keep the pace quite well. Yes, this CD gets bubbly and bright and happy but it’s done in such a cool one. One critic notably identifies influences from the ‘Beatles to the Beach boys with fuzzy guitars, upbeat pace, and enthusiastic chanting choruses.’ The band apparently has had lineup deletions and additions but is held together by the original front-man Robert Schnieder. Well, if this is the end product of the past years trials and tribulations then my Thumb is up to you sir! Kudos!

Thumbs up 2. Apple Inc. – That’s right! 2 Thumbs up today! In a press release and much buzz on-line, Apple Inc. and Apple Corps Ltd. have entered into a new agreement concerning the name and logos of Apple. See, what you may not realize is Apple Corps Ltd. is the record company for the Beatles. Many moons ago, Apple Inc. and Apple Corps Ltd. apparently had an agreement in which Apple Inc. said ‘Hey, we’re into computers not music, no big deal for us to have the same name.’ Quite ironic now that we’ve fast-forwarded some years! The new agreement gives Apple Inc. the name and the logo. They in turn license out the trademark and give Apple Corps Ltd. for their continued use. Some say this may be one of the biggest out of court settlements, with a payout of anywhere from $50 to $100 DOLLARS for the rights to the name “Apple.” THAT IS A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF CASHOLA NO MATTER HOW YOU SLICE IT. But what does this mean???

Have you noticed one of the largest catalog of music history missing from our beloved iTunes store? While there has been no mention of a release date of any of the Beatles music into the iTunes store, both sides are openly speaking of how pleased they are and looking forward to continued business blah blah blah! Industry analysts say a resolution is probably already in the works!

“It’s a function of time at this point,” said Gene Munster, senior research analyst with investment bank Piper Jaffray & Co. “I bet they move pretty fast. For Apple, it was critical that they got this taken care of.”


*Special thanks to Greg Dona and Jordan Robertson


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