Fender VG Stratocaster!!

I just caught word of this from my buddy James over at the Perfect Bass located conviently off of Jones Creek Rd. in Baton Rouge, LA. (Your welcome James!)

Wouldn’t it be nice to flip a switch on a Strat and all of a sudden be in an alternate tuning? Wouldn’t it be nice to turn a knob on its pickguard and suddenly have a clear acoustic sound, the roar of a humbuking pickup, the signature snap of a Tele and the lush fullness of a 12-string?

That’s the idea (and words stolen from Fender’s site) behind the all new Fender VG, a ‘virtual guitar.’ Your 1 stop shop for a gigging guitar! With it you get the signature Strat and Tele sounds, humbucker, 12-string and acoustic plus 5 alternate tunings! All from 2 mini ‘tone/volume’ like knobs below your typical ‘tone/volume’ knobs. It even has a convenient battery light indicator. Apparently even if you run out of juice, it’ll default to your Strat sound! Pretty flippin’ sweet! Right now it comes in black and sweet tobacco finishes! (Sorry I couldn’t get any pics but there are a ton of beauties at their site!)

The great thing is, (and this was my gripe regarding the Line 6 Variax) that it IS a Strat! I mean it feels, looks, and plays like a Strat! It’s a comfortable and familiar feel that most guitarist love! (I didn’t like the feel and vibe of the Variax.) Classic body shape, 3 single coil pickups, 5 positioning switching, the whole kaboodle! Now just add in the Roland GK bridge pickup and throw in the 2 additional knobs and you’ve got this incredible masterpiece. Upon reading further, one of the really cools things (as if I haven’t listed enough already) is that it’s supposed to deliver this fine clear balanced tone and volume across all the different modeling and tunings. So that switching from Strat to Tele to Acoustic and such won’t need readjusting at your amp with each sound.

Check it all out over at Fender’s site and let me know what you think! Are we getting carried away and lazy or is this a good thing?!?!


3 Responses to “Fender VG Stratocaster!!”

  1. February 11, 2007 at 11:25 pm

    man that’s pretty amazing…i can’t wait to get one at our store…

  2. 2 Jim
    February 13, 2007 at 6:21 pm

    I am confused… help the old 4@r+ understand why I’m replying about gear on the main blog area. Shouldn’t I be on the “gear” page to discuss gear? Can this be fixed? I have enough trouble keeping up with the world as it is without having to wonder whether I’m on the right blog page all the time!

    James had given me the skinny on the VG Strat so I was previously educated. The VG looks cool for the technology hounds out there. I’m still hanging by the threads of purist I can cling to. Modeling amps and modeling guitars are still an active “resistance front” for Jim. No doubt these things work and sound pretty good, but I like Strats to be Strats and Teles to be Teles; it’s part of the fun.

  3. February 13, 2007 at 6:52 pm

    Ah Jim ‘your generation’ is so fun! HA.
    The Gear page is for declaring what gear you own and are fond of. Within the confines of the ‘blog’ tab will be all sorts of wonderful topics for discussions. One of which will be gear.

    I am
    1) Feeling left out of said “loop” in you admitting you had already found out about such a wonderful topic of conversation and not including me. I thought I was in the circle of trust to receive such news.

    2) Sharing your purist mentality. To the typical non-musical audience member hearing a person play, this 1 guitar could probably pull off each individual sound well enough that the typical person would be none the wiser. I’m curious though, and must believe this to be true, that for the atypical musical audience member like you and me that we would say, “Huh, that’s cool. Doesn’t exactly sound like a Tele/Acoustic/12 string etc. but it’s neat he didn’t have to change guitars.”
    But I do think its news worthy to talk about. As you know, ever since I saw Vertical Horizon live and he was able to switch his electric to an acoustic sound, I’d been on the hunt for an electric that could efficiently replicate a great acoustic sound. And as you know, they don’t exist. Even the ones that do a great job of it don’t feel like an acoustic and you get hung up on that.
    Oh well, I like acoustics that are acoustics, electrics that are electrics, and tube amps! What do you do 🙂

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