Something for you babysitters to think about…

Have you seen the preview for this movie???

OK so yesterday we had Ali pick up our 1 and 1/2 year old after lunch b/c she wasn’t feeling the greatest and we wanted her well for her Valentine’s Day party today. Ali’s at the house with her and they’re playing. She said they’re sitting in the Living Room where they can see into the hallway that runs all the way to the back of the house (past 2 bedroom doors and a bathroom) into our bedroom, reading a book. Chloe looks up and down the hallway, raises her lil hand and waves and says, “HI!”

Well, Ali of course looked up and sees Chloe waving looking down the hallway, she turns ever so slowly to see what she’s staring at (maybe one of our zany cats) and…nothing…
(OH GOODNESS, I still laugh thinking about this) Ali’s freakin’ out and tells Chloe to SIT STILL, goes into the kitchen and takes one of my Bar-B-Que skewers and searches our house for something. (I’m sorry Ali, I would have loved to have seen that.) And she finds…nothing…

So, I don’t know man! Creepy stuff 🙂 Apparently it’s like number 4 at the box office last weekend but apparently it also sucks ginormously. But that’s what the critics say, I love horror films so I’ll probably go see it, or rent it.

Just a head’s up to all you babysitters: check the pantry 🙂

The Messengers


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