So long, fair well…

Ah tonight was the end of an ‘era.’ HAHAHA. Oh the season finale and last episode of The O.C. was tonight on Fox…commence laughter that this has even made it on to my blog…

It’s funny, my wife LOVES…whoops….lovED this show. We’ve watched every episode since the first together. Tonight was interesting watching it wrap up: baby, weddings, ends of relationships, beginning of new ones, college, graduation, fresh starts, first jobs, heartbreak, it had it all. And something occurred to me.

I’ve been with my wife for almost 10 years now. 4 years of dating and 5 years of marriage this July. We’ve gone through alot together. Grown as individuals, grown as a couple, and even share a daughter now! But you slip into this place where you think that you’ve got it all figured out. That you know the next steps, you can see the lining on the walls. You get to a place where you think you’ll no longer experience heartache because the single/dating life is behind you. You know longer have anxiety because you have a college degree, hell you’ve been the one conducting the interviews! AND you’re in your occupation of choice! The unknown territory is behind you because you now have a mortgage and escrow and a 30 year loan feels like eternity. Your 4 year term on your vehicle sounds rock solid!

Then it hit me. I don’t need trivial television to help me feel emotional all over again. I ride a roller-coaster of fear and doubt and joy with a 1 and 1/2 year old who looks to me for sustenance from the world! I have a wife who lovingly would follow or lead me across the country if inspired to. Life continues on in new stages and wonders that can so easily be overlooked sometimes. And soon, I’ll be on the other end of that television show as my daughter lives out all of her roller-coaster rides!

I’m not quite sure how I came all soft and mushy on a post regarding The O.C.’s last episode.  I used to claim to watch it so I could keep up to date with new artists and cool soundtracks. It was “my wife’s show.” I suppose after all this time it’s become mine as well. Just thought I should ante’ up and admit it, and somehow got off on a tangent. I guess this really isn’t about The O.C. after all!

I do hope they find something good to fill in this time-slot though!


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