Yes, Big Man On Campus. My dad overused that phrase all throughout high school and college. I spent the better part of this morning walking around my college campus, L.S.U. It was great to be back! I haven’t stepped foot on campus for a year or so now since I’ve missed out on LSU football the past 2 seasons. They’ve really stepped up the beauty of the campus! It was amazing. I felt a little out of place walking around without a booksack on. (I was posting fliers with our children’s minister looking for actors and musicians for our family service.)

When asking for directions to the Music and Dramatic Arts building, because they’re completely renovating the old one, the student there asked Jamie what classes or major, “her son” was interested in! ME! 27 year old ME what classes and major! AWESOME! I was excstatic.

The one troubling thing though was how much passion I had…have…for college ministry. I’m still trying to figure out what tense I should put there. I’m not longer doing anything college related. I lead worship full time for our adult services and cooridinate and lead our youth ministries for Middle School and High School but our church doesn’t even have a small group to offer college students! I’ve felt a ‘disturbance in the force’ about that but after today, there’s ‘a STRONG disturbance’ now. But I know I’m already spread too thin to take on anything new. It’s troubling and I’ll need to really seek guidance on what to do about this. I know God has called me to River. I know God has me doing the work I’m in right now for a specific purpose. But I know I feel a yearning for these students! ARGH.

It really was exhilirating being back though. AND I found out Donald Miller is coming to do a FREE speaking gig at one of the local Baptist churches. DONALD FREAKIN’ MILLER! I can’t wait. Just being back in that culturally rich environment has me all jacked!

So what’s your passion? I know most of us are musicians but is there a particular group you lead for? Youth? Adults? 1st graders?


1 Response to “BMOC”

  1. February 23, 2007 at 1:02 pm

    Interesting….its amazing how much my passion changed over the years…and then came full circle…
    I was a missionary with YWAM and am realizing I still have a passion for missions. I worked with the Youth Ministry. and started a rockn roll service in NY in 1996 and now 10 years later Im in RI thinking about starting it again. along with a christian coffee house…

    ultimatly my passion is Jesus, My wife (hot wife) Kelly, my 2 boys, worship and ministry

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