Thursday Night Thoughts

Wow well almost a week later and I’m able to post my thoughts from this past Thurs-Sun. For those of you who maybe aren’t Christians and reading this, please excuse this indulgence, but God really did show up this past Sunday. – and a sigh expels from all the unbelievers 🙂 Hahaha. You know but I really don’t know how to put this any other way.

Yes, a musical experience was made that connected emotionally with some members of the congregation.

Yes, I arranged a couple of songs to thematically support one another.

Yes, we played really great this past weekend! HAHA

But there was something ‘other’ that happened. Here’s what went down:

We were without a sound tech AND a bass player for Thursday’s practice. Have you ever had one of “those” rehearsals. All in all it went, OK. But I realized how valuable that moving bass line is. To adjust for Sunday, I moved over one of the guitarists to run sound for that morning, I was able to get our bassist a CD and he was WELL prepared and we rolled like that. Here’s what we did:

  1. Beautiful One – Jeremy Camp with Tim Hughes’ outro
  2. O Praise Him – DC*B (probably one of the last times, worn out)
  3. How Great Thou Art – Charlie Hall’s revision
  4. How Great is Our God – Chris Tomlin
  5. Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) – Chris Tomlin’s revision
  6. You are My World – Hillsong as a closer after the sermon

We used the chorus of Beautiful One as a prelude, had them stand up as we vamped out the bridge and jumped right into it! Didn’t stop playing at any point. AND MAN this built some steam for the song! It was great. I’m about played out on O Praise Him, but I love that song so much, but I’ll probably swap it out with the new one: Oh The Glory of it All.

The “God Moment” came from the following 3 tunes. I did something I’ve never done before. I played How Great Thou Art and How Great is our God in the same key (in B the key How Great Thou Art is in.) I capoed up and played them both in a G formation so that I ended Thou Art and went straight into Is Our God’s chorus. It was incredible. The tone came way down for that song and we mulled on those lyrics until we blew out the bridge and last chorus! If that wasn’t enough we wrapped up with the My Chains are Gone version of Amazing Grace and it was like the whole place was alive! I got really worried that I totally just oversang those last 2. I mean I was just pushing the “Sing with me!” line of Is Our God and amped up that chorus! Which was great b/c dynamically the verses were way way down. I did the same thing on My Chains are Gone! But I suppose those songs just call for you to really blow it out of the water on those parts.

I mean when we finished that time of worship, I was just all giddy and set back at the same time. I don’t even know what Garnett was praying after that last song! Just a spectacular morning in my opinion!

Technically speaking, I guess the thing I really took away here was trying to find 2 songs who’s themes and/or choruses focus on the same thing, even include some of the same words like those 2 songs and see how you can incorporate them together! I’ve done this before but usually restrict myself on keys which limits this tremendously. I’m experimenting with songs that I can capo up high on and play in G with. Is Our God is a song I’ve never thought about changing the key on b/c of the cool lil acoustic feel in the beginning that you vamp out on. But giving that up and placing these songs together and stringing them into 1 large dynamic song was something well worth the cost! It created a large atmosphere for people to worship within.

I’d caution about doing this too often but done tastefully and wisely it can provide an excellent change for you and your band and more importantly, your congregation. Let’s face it, they all showed up to worship together! That’s why they all came at the same time on Sunday morning! It’s good to have them all singing together and this was effective this Sunday. I believe God used it to glorify Himself through this weekend and it was amazing!


1 Response to “Thursday Night Thoughts”

  1. February 28, 2007 at 10:44 pm

    nice post…awesome

    Beautiful One i do in key of D capo in c shape

    O praise him I do in both G and A

    How great is our God in key of G

    I find most Tomlin songs I have to drop…they really arent singable for the church in his key

    On o praise him. I love going from that in G to Marvelous Light

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