A little Hurley love!

I’m swamped up to my ears, which is cool because my kid knows to point to my ears now 🙂  but I had to mention my favorite show and why I love it so! (Wow that rhymed.)

The Office: YES best comedy on television. Funniest show and top 3

24: Close but close only counts in horseshoes and had grenades as my pops used to always say!

LOST! And last night proved it. They force us to fall in love with those characters! My goodness. They have this uncanny ability in the same vein as Friends and Seinfeld to create a bond with the audience and their characters.


Hurley’s always been a favorite and last night showcased why. His fun loving and optimism has been a unique balance with all the rest of the zaniness on the show! And what a cameo from Cheech! HAHAHA.

I think the most hysterical point was Hurley finally having enough and coming back with his ‘quick quip’ to Sawyer getting buzzed with his flat nasty beer! OH MAN. I fell out laughing.

They’re launching into another seemingly side story and bringing back Rousseu. We’re supposed to get some answers this season and bringing her back with the 2 new losers they introduced in the lil mini of last year isn’t helping to narrow down plot lines so I hope they can still deliver. I’ve been really pleased thus far and can’t wait for what they do in the remaining weeks!

FINALLY we get to see Mr. Pirate that we got a glimpse of from last season. This should be good!

Any dibs on who’s flashback we’ll see next week?!?!?!?! My wife and I always try and guess as the show’s starting up!


1 Response to “A little Hurley love!”

  1. March 1, 2007 at 10:37 pm

    I gotta say even though its getting poor reviews this season it sure isnt by me….That episode was fantastic ..
    I almost peed in my pants when he called sawyer a redneck.
    I LOVE LOST!!!!!

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