The Older I Get

So yeah, I’m listening to 104 the X, The Rock of Baton Rouge and New Orleans and I hear this tune. It’s vaguely familiar only because I know this guys voice. There are a handful of extremely unique voices in rock and roll music and this guy’s is distinct! Yet it sounds out of place? It’s funny, because to me it almost sounds as if Nickelback has done some sort of collaboration like they did back for the Spiderman soundtrack! It’s got a signature snare sound, nice acoustic drive behind some catchy electric riffs, and tugging at your heartstrings lyrics like those of Photograph and If Everyone Cared.

Yet, as distinctive as this dude’s voice is, it’s not Chad Kroeger and Kroeger’s voice is distinctive! So, I was a bit confused. Until it totally clicked! FREAKIN’ SKILLET!!

I couldn’t believe it! I’m so glad too! Getting some playtime on the big rock station here in Baton Rouge! I scooted over to iTunes and it looks like the guys released The Older I Get as an official single last week. It apparently doesn’t sound enough like Nickelback to others since, Nickelback’s single is number 2 on the Top Rock Tunes and Skillet hasn’t made an appearance.

So allow me to plug the boys at Skillet for you. I know CCM recently gave them a big push in their magazing last month but that typically means little to nothing to anyone looking for creative and exceptional music. Skillet’s new release Comatose is quite good! It’s a bit over the top at times almost sounding like a score to some incredible rock movie, but it does have it’s highlights! Rebirthing was their first single and they released an MTV worthy video for it as well! The next song follows up its symphonic rock sound. They settle down with songs like The Older I Get. Those Nights is next and as poppy as it is, I try not to like it but its kind of catchy. Probably my least favorite tune though.

The CD does settle in to some songs that are all a bit similar to one another but all in all there are a bunch of worthwhile songs that make this CD enjoyable. It’s won a ton of respect and gotten much attention from the Christian community. I’m glad they’re getting much needed exposure on mainstream radio!

Tell me you don’t hear Nickelback in there? I just love the pop of that snare!

I just love that video! Kudos guys!

2 Responses to “The Older I Get”

  1. March 3, 2007 at 6:06 am

    I LOVE SKILLET…I have since the came out and its great to hear they are getting airplay. Most of my favorite bands never got recognition

  2. March 3, 2007 at 8:59 am

    Awesome! Yeah, I think they’ve come a long way. I first really heard them and followed along since their live worship album. This new stuff is impressive.
    Hope I didn’t offend comparing that song to Nickelback 🙂

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