Thursday Night Thoughts

So last week was a wild one! Honestly last night out shined…shone…shown…hmm…yesterday morning but that will come in a later post.  Last Thursday night was a good one. This Sunday was a good one. Let’s get rolling shall we:

  • Hallelujah (Your Love Makes Me Sing) – Brenton Brown? I think.
  • Awesome is the Lord – Chris Tomlin
  • Everlasting God – Brenton Brown but Lincoln Brewster’s version
  • Come Thou Fount – David Crowder meets Conner Byrd Project
  • Remember Me – Mark Shultz & Ginny Owens as a special closer after sermon and communion

So yeah pretty straightforward. I got asked for an older throwback song so we pulled out Hallelujah. It worked pretty well. It flowed nicely with Awesome is the Lord which is always great when 2 songs do that.

I did do something different with the bridge of Awesome is the Lord. I’m just tired of every praise song going: Verse – Chorus – Verse – Double Chorus – Broken down Bridge that builds into a big ending Chorus.  So we put our noggins together at practice and instead of doing the broken down ‘Hallelujah’ part we blew threw it! Justin played a double time feel, I guess that’s how you call it. Hitting the snare on every beat instead of every other. Then the 2nd time through it we built on every 8 measure. We’d accent the one and drop all the way down and build all the way through 2 measures. It crescendoed into the “Raise your hands” and we completely dropped out on “hands.” Just vocals until “GOD” of “Shout to God all ye nations.” It was pretty cool. It changed it up a bit and I think threw the congregation a fresh curve ball on an all too familiar song.

I absolutely love “Come Thou Fount.” It’s one of my favorite hymns to do. We did it this time in drop D and it gave it a nice full deep rolling growl!

We capped out the service after communion with “Remember Me.” Which was incredibly beautiful. Mom sang Ginny Owens’ part. We had a guest Keyboardist who nailed the piano part. We did drop it a half step and played it in C. The congregation loved it because it was a perfect fit for the ending of the service and to tie together Garnett’s message and communion. It was a great choice. It’s not my favorite cup ‘o tea for a song choice but that’s ok. It stretched me and we received a ton of “That was beautifuls” and “Thank you for that songs” and “The music was greats.”

Those are always encouraging. They aren’t the reason of doing things well, but I take those as an indication that we properly planned and allowed God’s Spirit to move on Sunday mornings by not getting in the way.


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