This Day in Music – Releases, Releases, Releases

So apparently, the music industry is trying to catch me up with being gone last week! There are just too many releases that dropped today that I can’t wait to review. Here are the one’s that have caught my eyes/ears and hope to get to:

Arcade Fire – If you missed them on SNL with Dwight…uh…I mean Rainn Wilson then you missed a great SNL with a stellar performance by these guys. Not your average band, but it seems like that’s the new thing now. Neon Bible dropped today with some crazy samples on iTunes!

Notorious B.I.G. – I think this is hilarious! Biggie back from the dead with a Greatest Hits CD! Freshman year, my roommate would have his stuff with Puff Daddy and Mace cranked before we would go out. And we are 2 WHITE BOYS! So this is pure nostalgia for me šŸ™‚

Reliant K – One of the great Christian pop/punk/rock breakouts released 5 Score and Seven Years Ago today which has 15 tracks on it! That’s a ton of tracks for a band like this. It looks like they might be trying to stretch a bit with a couple ‘filler’ tracks (one that’s “A Cappella”), an 11 minute track, and a bonus track! Interesting to see!

Shawn McDonaldLive! Well happy day! Enough said! I just hope 15 tracks of the singer/songwriter acoustic style isn’t overkill. The samples seem to suggest: IT’S NOT!

Various ArtistsGlory Revealed. Could be cheesy but can’t be that cheesy b/c it’s got a scrumptious David Crowder & Shane and Shane slam dunk of “To the Only God.” It’s apparently a follow along to David Nasser’s book by the same name! Artists cover the spectrum from Christian turned Backstreet Boy: Brian Littrell, Mac Powell, Michael W. Smith, Candi Pearson (yummy), and more. The book and the songs are about the key passages in the Bible where God revealed Himself and a bit of His character to us. Looks interesting!

So, I’ll try and catch up on some of these this week. Feel free to beat me to it though! Did you pick up some new music today?


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