Now that’s funny!

Sorry, but Rae and I were flippin’ through channels anxious for LOST to begin and to find out who the Pirate is going to be when we came across the most innovative, intelligent, inspiring, wholesome, encouraging reality show every teenage girl needs to watch…but probably every single man is: The Search for the Next Doll! Yes, a reality show looking for the triple threat! A woman who can sing, dance, and look great in lingerie to join the next big thing after the Spice Girls: the Pussycat Dolls.

Now for some strange reason we watched this incredible work of art for a few minutes and the funniest thing I’d seen popped up and made it all worth it! In the midst of all out tryout to make the Top whatever, one of the girls comes down with this wicked stomach virus. She’s out sick in bed. But not before she makes another trip out to tell the other girls, “Hey, I’m sick with a contagious stomach virus!”

OH MAN, you guessed it! Like half the girls all of a sudden get hit with a case of the hurls and now you have these scantily clad wanna be stripper dancers yakkin’ in the toilet, walking to the van in the grass, in a garbage bag INSIDE the van to the tryouts! I’m sorry but we were rolling!

The best one was the chick in the van. Here’s this 1 poor sick girl and the other girls have plastered themselves against the windows of the van to be as far from her as she upchucks into this clear garbage bag! She wipes her chin with the bag and asks all meekly, “Can someone hand me a napkin?” NOBODY MOVES! HAHAHA. I’m sorry, but that was funny.

Here’s a lil clip:


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