Freedom from technology

First: I love my computer. I mean I wish it was a Mac 🙂 but I love technology.

Secondly: I love you people. I mean we’ve created a great lil community here on the internet.

BUT this thing can be an all consuming nightmare. It happens so quickly each day: I need to contact people on my worship team, on my Middle school team, on my High school team, on staff, in my small group, in the performance group that’s gigging this weekend, on my volleyball team that I just go straight to Gmail and send emails all day long. I’m already here blogging and working and wasting time here why not communicate here 🙂 I talk to my wife on the phone ride to and from work mostly but other than that I communicate via email.

I called someone on my Middle school team tonight on the way home after practice and we talked for almost a half hour I would guess. IT WAS GREAT! I felt awful that I’ve never spent that much time on the phone with him before. I felt awful we hadn’t caught coffee together. I felt awful failing to remember the last time it was we went out to lunch or did anything that wasn’t ‘on the Church time clock.’

Its tough and probably impossible to do that each week with everyone on the many teams but I don’t even try. But I will. I mean there are some people that I do hang out with and chill with but its because of laziness and our schedules are just so dang complimentary. But I’m going to start trying to communicate with 1 person a week by telephone instead of email. 1 person on my team who isn’t a regular ‘friend that I see each weekend’ or someone that I see at practice or 1x already that week. Is that too lame? Probably so, but I guess a small start is at least a start.


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