Thumbs UP/DOWN: Riddle Me This!

Thumbs upJeremy Riddle: Full Attention. So I was really excited about finding this lil release that dropped last week (so sorry, usually these are for things dropping today) but now I see that iTunes has it up on its banner so you probably don’t need my review. But I’m going to give it to you regardless. It was a slow week for releases and I’m hoping this one is a fresh release nonetheless.

Jeremy Riddle, we all know from his smash hit single off Vineyard’s last release, “Sweetly Broken.” It was the title track the CD was named after and rightly so because it is a righteous song! In addition, it’s a pretty good marker for this CD. He’s done a fine job stepping away from Vineyard and crafting his own and mixing it up musically and dynamically.

The thing I love so much about this guy is the thing I hate! He’s got that ability to sound completely authentic and passionate without sounding like a 12 inch coney cheese head.
He’s also got a heart for song writing and not the typical: Praise God You’re Awesome!

“My Love for You” comes, in part, from a sermon series he developed. As Jeremy spent time in Scripture, he began to see a pattern: “The things that show God we love Him are not extravagant love songs, poems or outbursts of emotional expression, but simple actions of obedience. And from what I can understand, the way God calls us to express our love back to Him is by returning to people the same things we have received from Him.”

I love that! Whether or not Jeremy grabs your FULL attention, his debut release is very worthy of your hard earned cash. He never runs away with it like a Hillsong United or Tomlin or Hall tune and doesn’t get all crazy like a Crowder tune. But he establishes this constant groove that wanes and surges that is refreshing. Very Lifehouse-ish meets Snow Patrol maybe on a date with a Jeremy Camp soundtrack. But he may need to do a bit more to separate him from that other Jeremy guy.

Tracks to check out: Close and More Than a Friend!




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  1. March 13, 2007 at 4:18 pm

    Thanks for the review!

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