Strike 2

The last time I remember being a ‘thief’ was as a kid with my Mom at the Wal when I saw an opened Hulk Hogan action figure. You know the original in yellow tights! She told me not to but he was already opened and it was Hulk Hogan! I HAD TO! She busted me in the car and I brought it back and put it back on the shelf.

BUT yesterday, in the past year going grocery shopping with Chloe and an added diaper bag, marks the 2nd time Rae and I have become thiefs! You know you now have either a baby and a blanket and a sippie cup and whatever else up there in the little seat OR you have a diaper bag and a blankie and your wife’s purse all up there and you get out to the car and find there’s a birthday card or shampoo bottle up there that you didn’t pay for.

It sucks. Because to go back in there and pay for that one item takes like a half hour! It’s such a whippin’!


1 Response to “Strike 2”

  1. March 20, 2007 at 8:20 am

    I hate when that happens. Gonna blog about this on mine, too. Thanks for the idea!

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