Thumbs UP/DOWN: 7th Day Slumber

Thumbs up 7th Day Slumber: Finally Awake. I’m really hoping I can fairly assess the quality of this CD but I’m afraid I can’t. See 7th Day’s drummer used to drum at our church and though I’ve met Ray only a couple times, he has ties to many of the people I play with and we’ve run in the same circles. Actually, one of my very best friends (and drummer) bought Ray’s old DW kit and we use it on Sundays. So seeing a half page add for his band on the back of CCM and seeing a big write up review for them the week their new CD drops is very exciting!

Finally Awake is their sophomore release and does seem to highlight the band’s strong points: Joseph’s raspy and powerful voice, thick guitars in the vein of Pillar, story-telling lyrics, and a well produced CD. CCM compliments the band by saying this: “If you took 11 power ballads from the band Pillar, this is what it might sound like.” …I’m still puzzled as to the magnitude of that being a compliment but I suppose it works.

If this is what ‘power ballads’ are considered them I’m not sure CCM knows what a ballad is. I mean compare the first track ‘Awake’ to Pillar’s track ‘Awake’ off of “The Reckoning” and I think you might be confused on who’s the heavy hitter! I’m not confused and honestly, SDS’s music isn’t as thick as Pillar’s but I don’t think being a knock off Pillar is their intention. I’m pleased with the release, I did sense an all to familiar tone on the first listen through that scared me. I hope there’s enough change up to keep the CD fresh and interesting. I didn’t hear what I call ‘ballads’ like ‘Caroline’ and ‘Oceans from the Rain’ off their debut release. It seems they tried consistently making a step forward with this CD as far ‘rockin’ out. We’ll see how it pans out for them but I’m rooting for them all the way!

Thumbs up Passion Band: Celebrity Playlists. I usually don’t pay much attention to these but this is really interesting. I don’t know if it’s because I have such an interest in these people or because I rip off a ton of their music or if its simply interesting to see this family of musicians all lined up next to one another with their musical tastes for you to compare. It’s really hilarious going down the line and seeing the differences in the artists.

Obviously, Matt and Chris spend some time together, which is pretty funny seeing the similarities in their lists! From the conferences I go to, they’ve shared song writing stories together and they typically lead worship together. You’ve got Charlie’s a bit more diverse and quirky. Then there’s David’s who the typical listener is probably scratching his head going, ‘I can’t even pronounce some of these bands! Cigar who? The state of Idaho made a record? The moon is where?!?!’ You’ve gotta love that guy! (New CD in the works!)

Then there’s Uncle Louie, who, if I’m half as cool as that dude when I’m half his age I’ll be stoked beyond belief. Actually…I may be half his age? His list is great. And don’t even say things like, ‘Ah whatever he’s just trying to be cool and hip.’ If you really use the word ‘hip’ then you truly have no idea. This guy is the real deal. He’s just that cool!

So there you have it. Go check out the Christian & Gospel (gag me I hate that it’s called that) section of iTunes. You can’t miss the link to the iTunes Guide to the Passion Movement!

…just squeezed this one in didn’t I 🙂

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