Thoughts from the Zoo

So today we took the kids (my in-laws came in today, Saturday, with our 4 year old niece) to the Baton Rouge Zoo. These are my thoughts after watching my Kiddo and my niece.

  •  The Baton Rouge Zoo sucks
  • An 18 month old doesn’t know a crappy zoo when she’s in one 🙂
  • Aquariums with giant fish with thick class to band on is a child’s dream!
  • Monkeys are wildly entertaining for kids of all ages
  • Elephants and Rhinos scare the bejeezums out of lil kids!
  • Rhino’s take dumps without warning
  • A Rhino taking a dump that looks like it weighs 40 lbs makes a grown man gag!
  • Apparently, a Tapir look a whole lot like our black lab Molly!
  • Once a child believes she’s looking at her play friend Molly, even if it’s a huge pig like creature, she’ll call it her play friend Molly until you drag her away
  • Snow cones are messier than you could imagine

It was an awesome time! Chloe chose to walk/run mostly instead of riding in her wagon. She was toast when we got home and went down so easy it was ridiculous! I’d have pics but we got there and realized the battery was dead in the camera. Probably from trying all these videos!


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