Waking up

So today it hit me: today is THURSDAY!  Tuesday was 2 days ago! I didn’t take a look at any new music, happenings, anything! I haven’t blogged intentionally in like 3 WHOLE DAYS! The awful thing is that it’s just now hit me! This is the first time I’ve settled down enough to actually pull out the laptop and catch up with everyone and take a look at my blog. I thought of everyone today, I had some spare time and pulled into Starbucks to kill some time, unfortunately I was without technology BUT fortunately I was with Mr. C.S. Lewis and ‘Mere Christianity.’ Let’s get reacquainted:

Monday – hit up the Dunham School to listen to Wade give his story at Chapel. That evening we had an incredible time at Small Group!

Tuesday – worship planning for this weekend as well as Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday. Volleyball season started and we pulled out our first victory for our new team! Purple Monkey Dishwashers are back! I woke up with incredible allergy aggravation which is really weird. Typically it’s the whole bit: sinuses/allergies/headaches/post nasal drip/sore throat. This was just plain aggravating. Just my allergies were wigging out. Its like my nostrils had one of those Gatoraide valves that let liquid through only one way. I could breathe out but not in.

Wednesday –  woke up dog tired b/c it’s hard to sleep when you can’t breathe. Mistakenly thought the lil pink tablets I was taking all day long were daytime allergy pills…I found out that evening they were the generic Benadryl pills. No wonder I dragged butt all day long. Met further to discuss Easter. Napped that evening and prepared for Chapel the next day.

Thursday – Led worship and spoke at The Dunham School’s chapel for the Middle School. Caught up with C.S. Lewis at Starbucks before lunch. Brought Cane’s for lunch with  my Middle Schoolers and then again with the High Schoolers. Prepped for worship practice and rehearsed for Sunday. Watching an intensely cheesy Sci-Fi movie: Dog Soldiers.

Friday – Painting the trim of the kitchen to continue remodeling began last Friday then hitting the backyard! Who knows, maybe that infamous video blog will get off the back burner and get started! Nana and Deekah are taking the lil one for me and Rae so we can have a ‘date night.’ Only problem is that we haven’t gotten our finances in order, so it looks like pizza and a rental and a night of simply relaxing. I’m not one for relaxing though so we’ll see how that goes over.

I should be back to my normal blogging self this weekend. Typically I think “we” seem to take off for the weekends. That’s usually family time (I know for me it is) but I’ll work on getting things caught up so you’ll have some things to catch up on Monday back at work! Thanks for hanging in here with me!


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