When you don’t wanna…

I’ve got to say, ya’ll got me on the 24 bandwagon but this 2nd half of the season of LOST is kicking some major freakin’ butt! Especially these last few episodes and especially tonight! WOW! I don’t know if it was because I simply LOVE Hurley, venemously HATE Locke, enjoy Sawyer and think he’s one of the most underrated character actors on the show, enjoyed the tie in back story, or WHAT but I dug it.

Which leads me to what I want to talk about:

  • Sawyer: Well what if I don’t want to be the leader?
  • Hurley: I don’t think Jack wanted to be the leader either dude but hey that’s what happens. Good luck dude.

So that was horribly paraphrased but add in a sinister sneer from Sawyer and a couple more dudes from Hurley and you remember. How truthful was that whole dialog?!?! How often is our role so clearly laid out in front of us and obvious that we are blinded by it glaring us in the face?!?! We typically don’t even need a ‘Hurley’ to give us a reality check because we sure do come up with great excuses that help us validate our cop out to ignore the truth!

It is so easy to be righteously self centered! How often is our excuse: I don’t wanna! Now we may not verbalize that because only children actually come out and say, “I don’t wanna!” but that’s really what’s behind our facade of excuses or lack of action. We can make ourselves so comfortable by ourself that we immobilize who we were created to be! We sit in front of our created beaches and enjoy our view while shirking the responsibility we have as part of a community. And we’re all in a community. We all have a family, or a friend, or a church, or a spouse, or a team, or a band, or 2 or 3 of those that we interact with. The church just talks so openly about it! But it doesn’t mean they have it figured out. The age old used and abused analogy of the ‘body.’ We’re all needed and not one is more important than the other but equally significant. But it’s true. We create these dynamics in our groups and we become integral pieces of other people’s lives.

C.S. Lewis describes it as the fleet of ships metaphor. We’re all in formation with one another moving together. Or the band metaphor. Everyone being in a band together playing pieces of music. We can become so wrapped up with ourself thinking that what I want is of the highest regard. That I’m fine on my own. I have it going on. I’m sturdy enough by my self! And LOST beautifully portrayed that tonight with Sawyer! There wasn’t a more self absorbed, out of touch, into ME character on the show than Sawyer and tonight they put into frame what it’s like to function in a community. Sometimes, what YOU want isn’t what’s needed. And it’s not always easy. It’s not always comfortable. It’s not even something we may be good at doing. Isn’t that a hard one?

I know what my “I don’t wanna” is, do you?


3 Responses to “When you don’t wanna…”

  1. 1 scooter
    April 9, 2007 at 11:54 am

    I KNOW! I KNOW! this week was greatness! I love that Kate and the blonde chic were handcuffed only for the blonde chic to get scared out of her wits and then bring out the key! WOW! i can not wait for Wednesday!!

    Juliet…..that’s right…..Juliet!

  2. April 11, 2007 at 2:54 pm

    LOST TONIGHT>>>>oh man i cant wait…i love hurley…hes on my desktop right now

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