T-Minus Rock

I’ve had a slow morning getting ready this morning answering emails and such and had the privilege of being able to catch T-Minus Rock. I haven’t had that chance in a while! Here’s my take on the highlights and my fav top 3:

10. Linkin Park‘s new single from the highly anticipated new album! I kind of expected more. I’m a huge fan of these guys. I loved their studio releases as well as their collaboration with Jay-Z. But another great song with another great bit of lyrical meat to talk about with friends who I might not typically get the chance to.

Great job Mr. Haan!

9. Saliva – I think I went to the bathroom here.

8. Plain White T’s – I think I went a buttered my waffles here. Saw them in concert and was pleased. Good song I suppose.

8. The Almost – …couldn’t figure out if I was watching RJA or Taking Back Sunday?

7. The Academy Is.. – We’ve got a big mess on our hands – the genius of this video and FOB is that he makes a phone call to ole’ boy and you’re like what the hell is Pete doing? Well in FOB’s new video you see what he’s doing! It’s the same shot! Awesome!

5. RJA – False Pretense – love these guys! Vids great too just not my fav 3!

4. Fall Out Boy – I don’t care if you don’t like these guys. They are geniuses at creating a fanbase, creating hooks, and giving their fans what they want!

Hysterical! I love it.

3. RHCP – Hump De Bump – a hilarious video with a ton of cameos! The best is Darrell from The Office giving Chris Rock the cold shoulder! Hilarious.

2. Nine Ince Nails – Survivalism – new single off another highly anticipated release.

1. Madina Lake – House of Cards – Pretty cool vid, pretty cool song. Seems as if Yellowcard were trying to do some System of a Down mixture here?? It’s these things that make me feel old 🙂 I don’t really see how these guys beat out the rest of the group. What am I missing here? Other than the fact that I’m no longer in high school/college and may be out of touch. That is such a scary thought!


1 Response to “T-Minus Rock”

  1. April 11, 2007 at 12:16 pm

    Lincoln park…nice
    FOB are genius
    and i actually like madina lake…lol

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