Trip Down the Passion Memory Lane

Mud’s got me looking at how much cashola I’ve spent with the Passion Movement 🙂 Seeing how it’s the cover story of April’s issue of Christianity Today, this is actually pretty pertinent then! PLUS, I can’t find a comprehensive catalogue like this out there! I don’t think one exists! So double check me if you will and enjoy my fanaticism. I already know I’m a freak. Reminisce with me if you will:

1. Live Worship from the 268 Generation 1998 – Louie and the gang didn’t even know how much this first gathering would influence and go on to define a style of music! A last minute decision to record the incredible music going on started a fire amongst college students across the nation! This CD just oozes nostalgia! I could sing…, Every move I make, I could sing…, We fall down! Come on people!

2. Better is One Day 1999 – Charlie Hall was the big guru on this one. I mean seriously was there a song on here you didn’t use?!?! Shape begins to form and excitement begins to build. This was the one I began to build my praise and worship archive on!!

3. The Road to One Day 2000 – The Passion flop. If you can call any of what they’ve done a ‘flop.’ The studio release for the gang picks up David Crowder! HOORAH! And I still use Steve Fee’s We Are Hungry.

4. One Day Live 2000 -Birthed from the college event heard round the nation! If you didn’t happen to know of Passion yet, this was probably the event that opened your eyes and ears! Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman join the crew and things get kicked up a notch! Salvation was my big rocker that I stole from this CD and this version of Better is One Day floored me! And what! Steve Fee pulling out a Kindness/Clean Hands medley! For years I thought that was Chris! HAHAHAHA!

5. Our Love is Loud 2002 – Slick and simple: grey with a few crazy images and a logo and it ROCKED MY WORLD! It’s like an All Time Greatest CD! Every song you’re sick and tired of probably came off this CD! I still remember hitting this 3 song streak and reveling “WHAT THE HEY!!” It was Wonderful King – OLIL – Come Thou Fount. This album was the one that many churches decided to get off the ‘modern movement.’ I believe it was the tour that preceded this CD though that greatly impacted my life. September 11, 2001 devastated a nation. September 12, 2001 Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin came to the LSU Union and united a college campus; one that included this bewildered college student. It was encouraging, inspiring, and hopeful. Chris was shorter than he is now 🙂

6. Sacred Revolution (Songs from One Day ’03) – One of my all time favorites. O Praise Him and Not To Us. It could all end there for me! In response to Sept. 11, we have a song called Blessed Be Your Name from Matt. One of the most beautiful song from vocal goddess Christie Nockels: Knees to the Earth. I suppose I am biased because I was at this One Day! This was from the event that everyone wanted to go to after hearing they missed out on the last One Day! If you didn’t go to this one you hid your head in shame for missing out 🙂

7. Hymns Ancient and Modern 2004 – The Phos Hilaron changed me; brought to life for me at the Thirsty conference that year. This CD is still my resource for hymns at church! What an incredible resource for some of my favorite hymns done creatively and still giving the originals honor and justice with new choruses adding new life.

8. Passion ’05 EP – Just get it for Louie’s message! I’m sick of Holy is the Lord and not a huge fan of Whole World in His Hands.

9. How Great is Our God (Passion ’05) – FINALLY right out of the block: NO ONE LIKE YOU! BAM BABY! The next benchmark since the Our Love is Loud CD for many churches. Another one where every one of these songs hopefully are in your rotation.

10. The Early SessionsSalvation is Here was the standout here as the others were found on the next release or on Chris’ CD. But that introduction was dearly needed. Kristian Stanfill covered who? Hillsong United? Who is that? The Hillsong youth band? Maybe I should check that out? Open brain – insert yummy greatness finding those guys! It was nice to find someone else to stalk! HAHAHAHA!

11. Everything Glorious 2006 – Everyone say it with me: IT’S TIME TO PAARRTAAY!! Hahahaha! Oh man that’s some funny stuff there. Another masterpiece churned out by the Passion camp. Critically many wonder if the gang has run out of new words other than “awesome, glorious, amazing” but 2 of my congregations favorites: Jesus Paid it All and You Never Let Go are found here. Released on the same day as the new Hillsong United CD!?!? Shameless sales competition? Growing concern though that Passion may be falling behind the leaders of ‘modern praise and worship’ to the Thunder from Down Under! With Tomlin sounding more contemporary and being showcased more on this CD than say a 3 letter acronymn with an *in the middle, that ‘college’ sounding mindset seems to some to take a backseat, especially comparing it to the sound coming out of the Coldplayish guitars of the United army. I’m still a believer though baby!

12. Passion ’07 EP 1, 2, & 3 – See the reviews I’ve done on these when they dropped. The shiners: OH THE GLORY OF IT ALL off pt. 2, Marvelous Light off pt. 3. Don’t think you’ve heard Marvelous Light until you pick up this EP. Charlie does what Charlie does best and they capture it with a recording. I LOVE this rendition on this EP of that song! Will they/won’t they/will they/won’t they release a full length CD from ’07? The word out now is that these 3 releases will suffice for now.

13. Best of (So Far) 2007 – Re-mastered and a collection spanning the decade. The standout for this freak who has all those CDs  is Crowder’s acoustic version of Come and Listen. Already a favorite of mine off his A Collision release, this time around though its life and led with a guitar. A must have for us guitar leading Lead Worshippers!

There you have it! This is the true blue Passion Catalog! Wait what about A Collision? Arriving? On the Road To Beautiful? Those are all artists under Six Steps Records and I put them in another category 🙂 That’s a catalog for another day b/c this bad boy is immensely long already!

Feel free to add comments or corrections or where you were when these classics dropped!


8 Responses to “Trip Down the Passion Memory Lane”

  1. April 26, 2007 at 6:13 am

    Excellent suggestions. I need to build my Praise music library.

  2. April 26, 2007 at 7:24 am

    wow man…i bet your wife is ticked now that you spent 17 hours making this compendium. lol

    Great list. I am missing the repeats and the first 4. I did download came and listen and passion 07.

    Ive got both hall CD’s

    every redman CD but one

    every tomlin CD

    and I just finished my crowder collection by ordering all i can say today.

    now my only issues is passion 07 is in MP4p format and I can get it to play on a cD arg!

  3. April 26, 2007 at 7:48 am

    OK. Glad to see this all in front of me. I was right in my assumptions then. I now need 5 Passion albums to finish up the collection. The 3 I knew of before, and their first one, and I suppose the Best of. 🙂

    By the way, to complete your Crowder collection, All I Can Say is a MUST!!! I could only find it on their website, but holy freaking cow man!

  4. April 26, 2007 at 8:08 am

    yeah i got it on independentbands.com along with new hughes CD and steve fee’s new one…

    My fav crowder besides illuminate is the sushi CD… i love that one. I got it on clearance because I can’t find anybody else who likes that one.lol

  5. April 26, 2007 at 9:56 am

    Brother from another Mother, I’m with you. It’s actually one of my wife’s favs and mine! Although I’m a huge fan of all their quirkiness. I absolutely love B Collision as well.

  6. April 26, 2007 at 10:18 am

    BFAM….oooo i like that…

  7. 7 bustin out!
    November 26, 2007 at 10:22 pm

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  8. April 28, 2008 at 2:22 am

    There was a free compilation audio CD that was given to all who attended passion ’99. It was called Thirsty and it had Chris Rice’s “Thirsty,” and a song from Jennifer Knapp, and a version of “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” from German Town Worship…
    and I think Jami Smith, too.

    I lost my copy. It’s not on sale. And it’s never mentioned as an audio CD associated with Passion.

    Does anyone know I can get another copy?

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