So Rae woke me up from the sofa last night at 9:30 to head to bed. I was/am toast. Practice Thurs., practice Sat., practice Sun., played 2 services Sunday morning, played service that afternoon, led message that afternoon, & had small group.

Coffee is an amazing substance that can keep a dead man moving 🙂 I’ve become a regular now. They now ask me if I’ll have ‘my regular.’ Oh dear Lord, I’m one of them!!!

But excitement is coming your way, I promise. What happened with ya’ll this weekend? Worship set to keep you at bay until vids get uploaded:

Sunday Morning:

  1. All Over the World – A – Redman
  2. Beautiful One – G – Camp/Hughes combo
  3. Mighty to Save – A – Hillsong BUT note the cool thing here! “Beautiful One” ends on a D and guess what “Mighty to Save” starts with??? Hint: it comes after “C”!
  4. I will not forget You – G – ??? uh…Watermark? 100 Portraits?
  5. I stand amazed (How marvelous) – G – Tomlin AND notice the same key here as before!!
  6. Nothing but the blood – A – Redman

So as alluded to above and before, cool things happened this weekend! I already posted about my Youth Service and wicked cool things happened last night!


1 Response to “Update”

  1. May 1, 2007 at 6:59 am

    I missed ya today on my set list post…have fun in ATL.

    here is what I did http://cecworship.wordpress.com/2007/04/29/april-29th-2007-set-list/

    great set list man…my beautiful one ends in A…and i did it this weeks also..and then went into a very slow version with some change ups and cut capo version of shine jesus shine

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