Thirsty 1/2 Day of 2 in words

Main Session 3Matt Redman – Redman came out with Tomlin’s band this morning and got us started with some brand new songs off Beautiful News: ‘Beautiful News’ the title track and ‘Take it To the Streets.’ WOOOO OH OHH OH OHHH! I love that tune! Apparently ‘Friend of God’ is the new chorus everyone is getting attached to. He tagged it at the end of ‘Dancing Generation’ and it was unexpected, exciting, and it worked!

Andy Stanley – Leveling as always! The best message ever on conveying your vision! For the next few days truck over to this site and download a PDF file for the notes. It’s worth it! What’s the mission statement for the One Campaign?… “Make Poverty history.” What’s the problem they desire to solve?…poverty. What’s the mission statement again? Yeah, you get the point!

Breakout 2Francis Chan – I can’t even begin. He unpacked how to be effecting in the changing American culture. Just go check out his podcasts, his church’s website, his site…the dude is insane. (Links soon, don’t have them now but I know they exist.)

Breakout 3David Crowder – This was just fun. Random, all over the place, music and culture, Ted Nugent, Tom Petty sucks!, nonplussed, Christian as an adjective, all inside jokes but just to show you how all over the place it was! One word: Crowder. But to summarize what I enjoyed the most: the Christian label does not equal good, conversely the ‘world’ does not equal bad. It’s our duty to examine and test and validate what is of God and what is good and not take things for granted based on their labels!

Allrighty then! I’m really hoping this isn’t invigorating your jealousy but I’m trying to share the experience! Pics up tonight (maybe tomorrow AM!)


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