Thirsty Day 1 in words

What a day! They don’t mess around getting things underway here!

Main Session 1 – Worship in Music – Charlie Hall – I love me some Charlie! He’s been working on some new material as well. I don’t know the name of it but it’s a song perfect for communion and I can’t wait for it to be released! ‘You are God’ was incredible to worship to! After Louie spoke, Charlie did what he does best: these improv Holy Spirit guided refrains. He did one to ‘All We Need’ similar to the new version of ‘Marvelous Light’ that was released! I got all tingly! It was special!

Louie – “Uncle Louie” brought the word out of the box of nothing ‘we’ can do here can replace a word from the Lord. Teaching out of John 10 where the sheep will know my voice, and the importance of honing in on God’s voice and hearing but not listening to the other voices. He also unwrapped a bit of the 3 men who appeared to Abraham giving him a word of joy: a kid is coming, and a word of concern: Sodom and Gomorrah are going down. The crux of this conference is hanging on the crux of getting a word from God and not from someone cool at Thirsty!

Breakout 1: SevenLouie – Going into today, I hadn’t planned on going to many of Louie’s deals. Kind of a ‘been there done that’ dealio but after hearing him in the main session it was like being home again and we had to go hear him again. 7 key principles from taking your ministry from simply having a Presence to gaining Traction to finally Erupting (hence the volcano pics.)

Main Session 2DC*B – Oh, goodness Remedy is going to be yummy special! Crowder’s version of a Redman like ‘You Never Let Go!’ YEAH!

Clouds brought rain, disaster came, oh my soul, oh my soul
Waters rose when hope had flown, oh my soul, oh my soul
Ever faithful, ever true, You I know, You never let go

You never let go, You never let go, You never let go

Oh my soul overflows, oh what love
Joy and pain, sun and rain, You’re the same You never let go!

It was just mind-numbingly awesome. He was at the piano like he was with ‘Come and Listen’ and it was this sweet build. I don’t know what it is about this band but my soul cries out when their music hits my ear drums! It’s insane.

A bit of humanity was there, Crowder left standing to go sit down at the piano for this new tune and begins playing it when he/we realized he hadn’t brought the mic. You see him do this double take…triple take…his brain like tripping wires trying to figure out how to play this piano with both hands and step 5 feet over to grab this mic to sing this song! Hogan puts down his fiddle to remedy the situation but we all saw what happened and busted out laughing. Only as Crowder does, he made some comment, played a joke on the piano, and then had us on our knees again in all of 45 seconds!

Francis Chan – Inspired by Louie’s message, Francis decided to take a different direction with his message. Talking about being in love with God, yeah I know Conner, I’m in love with God. No, no, no I mean in love with God not the concept of God but truly in love with God! WOAH, good stuff.

Late Night 1Charlie Hall – If you ever get the chance to see Charlie and the boys don’t miss it please! Charlie was candid and humorous and interactive with the group and it was great! Pulled out some old, old school tunes and did some great new ones! He even covered Tom Petty’s ‘Won’t Back Down’ in the most incredible worship tone I’d heard! He closed with this combo 2 songer of ‘Bloom Again’ and ‘Micah 6:8’ that was so reminiscent of MuteMath, my jaw was just resting on my chest! And as you can see from my pic, Shane and I got the chance to bump into him in the hallway and talk with the man, yes people he’s just a dude, Charlie himself. Just kicking it drinking a cup of coffee. I asked him about his tattoo (it’s a burning bush with ‘Set My People Free’ inscribed below and is totally cool, it took 3 hours though and he never went back to get the flames b/c it hurt šŸ™‚ and I have another surprise hopefully to get up here soon too!)

So yeah, long 1st day and 1 and 1/2 more to go! Talk with you soon!


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