Thirsty Day 2 in words cont.

Main Session 3Chris Tomlin – Probably THE BEST Tomlin worship service I’ve ever participated in, yes, participated because I sang my lungs out! I clapped! I ‘danced!’ I yelled! I cried! It was truly: awesome. I think it had to do with these guys are a well oiled machine together but everything to do with surrendering to the Holy Spirit and worshipping with us! Not many pics were taken in this session b/c I was so wrapped up in everything!

Louie – This session was a bit different. It was the most moving time coming to the Lord’s table ever! And they do the Lord’s supper every year but this year was incredible. Louie gave us a message that we’re coming to a dinner table! That we truly come to the table! That we sit at this table! That we are served at this table! It was a beautiful thing.

Late Night 2DC*B – 2 outstanding shining moments for me!!!

  1. How Great – Hearing that song live was nuts! One of my all time favorites and it was done marvelously and it was great singing that song with the others gathered!
  2. Rescue is Coming – Another ridiculous moment not to forget! Actually hearing and seeing this song done live was outstanding! I get giddy just thinking of it!

The band was on. It’s just uncomfortable for me though without Solley. It seems that Taylor’s sound is completely fitting! No doubt about it! But it does appear he’s finding his fit in the band and how things happen in the live setting. Crowder now does his quirky banter with Jack but it’s just not the same. Jack’s great and all but the DC*B is definitely working out the transition. One noticeable thing is it seems Crowder is more aware of the entire stage and all the members and utilizes that space and such!

Another new Crowder tune busted out on us! COMPLETELY REMINESCANT OF THE ‘ALL I CAN SAY’ CD!! I mean it was like he grabbed one of his own old tunes and updated it! I have a clip coming! But you’ll probably have to wait till I get back. It’s worth it though!


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