Thirsty Day 3 in words

Last Breakout Session:  Chris Tomlin & Charlie Hall – It’s these moments that show what the Passion/Six Steps team is all about. This breakout session and main session just showed the true family relationship between all these people involved in changing the lives of college students! Tomlin and Hall’s breakout session was this schizophrenic banter between arm wrestling one another, playing old country songs they’d written, break-dancing with Francis Chan, poking fun at Matt Redman and exposing threatening voice mails, Celine Dion and Neil Diamond, and yet also getting to the heart matters of what God is doing with these 2 guys as they’re ‘fame’ is growing, what keeps them grounded, how they write songs, struggles they faced growing up doing this thing, and more.

Last Main SessionLouie – Louie sent us home today in cheers and tears. We’re not building an organization, we’re advancing (or being advanced by) the Kingdom of God. Louie got an email from a student’s Mother telling of her daughter’s death. This girl, Ash, has been on the 268 blog and podcast and her story of finding true life has been a rallying during the past few month for those near the Passion family. 12:35 this morning Louie received the email stating she had died this week. Thank God in Heaven though that these last 5 months had been the truest and happiest times of her life and her mother would see her again…not a dry eye in the place!

Let God arise! Let God arise!
Our God reigns now and forever! He reigns now and forever!

Dear Lord has this week ended so quickly? It seems we just begun.


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