Christian or Follower…back on target

You didn’t do it intentionally, I actually helped, but we sabotaged the true intent of my posts earlier and began nitpicking a certain company instead of actually honing in on the true purpose of my post.

I’m no longer satisfied with the label of being a Christian. What that word has become to mean to many people (and myself I suppose to some extent) is: hardworking, a mover and a shaker who’s successful in the business world, one who attends church regularly enough, tithes when finances allow, 3 bedroom home with 2 cars in the garage if your married (4 bedrooms if you actually have kids), prays for the sick, prays for the needy, and is going to heaven.

That was me. If you’ve never set foot outside of our beloved country this may seem extremely foreign to you but I hope there is something inside that does see something wrong with the above picture. I hope simply walking downtown sets in your mind that the simple fact that you’re on-line on your computer on your wireless Internet with the AC set to 72 with the TV on in the background is reason to be thankful. I think being a follower of Jesus is something more than that description above. I think being a Follower looks different that most Christians. I think its more about giving than establishing. I think its more about caring than cynicism. I think its more outward focused than on me. Simply being born in America puts us better off than the majority of the population of the world (can someone with stats back me up on that?) Something inside me is saying that prayer isn’t enough. I’m not saying don’t pray. I’m saying that if you profess to be a Follower then that isn’t enough. It’s not enough for me anymore. I notice and am familiar with need, hunger, want, poverty, fatherlessness, around me and yes they need prayer but they need food. They need clothes. They need money. They need company.

There’s got to come a time where we stop hiding behind our excuses of “I don’t know what they’d do with the money! They could spend it on booze! My family’s in town this weekend! I’ve worked 50 hours this week! Serve AND go to church…that would take my whole morning! Sunday is the day of rest, I can’t do something today! It’s my money, I earned it and I’ll spend it how I want to! I don’t know who to help! How much profit is this company actually making!” and actually move! Actually do something. I’m tired of hearing the answer to life’s problems: “I’ll pray for them.” Why not solve the problem!

The intent of my blog isn’t to preach, I promise 🙂 It’s to direct people to worship, whether that worship leads to entertainment, culture, music, or God. I’m into worshipping God right now in a big way. When Blake showed up in Argentina with 10,000 shoes to give away to people in need, Jesus Christ was glorified. When jobs were created to make those shoes, Jesus was shown. When he goes to Africa to drop 50,000 more shoes to barefoot men, women, and children people will see Jesus. All I’m asking is, what will you going to do this week to show Jesus to the people you run into?

…I’ve stepped down from my soapbox…


5 Responses to “Christian or Follower…back on target”

  1. 1 Jim
    May 12, 2007 at 10:36 am

    It sounds to me like you are all saying the same things in slightly different ways… Basically:

    Act in a Christlike fashion honoring God in all that you do.

    Act – Conner’s soapbox – do good things for God as He calls. Do something and don’t just talk about it.

    Christlike – “all together now” – cliche, universal agreement on the concept of the goodness of Christ – “oops” without universal agreement on what Christlike means in a physical body… eg Jesus did a lot of talking and sitting around and he never left about a 300 mile geographic radius… pretty small physical area for God.

    Honoring God – only One truly knows if you honor God as it’s through your heart by grace and not works.

    So I see Conner pleased and positively impacted by someone, Blake, doing something substantial to help needy people. Conner assumes the glass half full ( Philipians suggests thats a good way to view things ) being Blake’s heart is right with God’s will in helping the poor. Return bloggers simply question whether the marketing is exploiting consumer emotion to the point of sophisticated misrepresentation of what may be a grossly profitable shoe salesman that would not likely make God proud if true.

    Both sides of this post say the same thing. Do good things and do them for the right reasons in God’s eyes.

    I wholeheartedly agree… Do something. Something covers a lot of ground and I propose you start a new post for bloggers to share what they have found to do… My hypothesis being that doing God’s work may not always mean traveling across the globe to find someone to love.

  2. 2 Jim
    May 12, 2007 at 10:40 am

    I wondered if the blog police would see the previous post as “agreeing” and letting straight through or “opposing” and forcing an approval by the Connerator… it went straight through.

  3. May 12, 2007 at 10:45 am

    And I get to hang out with that dude like almost every day it seems.
    “doing God’s work many not always mean traveling across the globe to find someone to love.” BINGO – your neighborhood, community, downtown area, etc. have needs. How can we help?

    How have you helped? Great idea Jim! What have you done that could spur this idea on?

  4. 4 Jim
    May 12, 2007 at 3:24 pm

    I invested two hours yesterday talking to a work associate about how he can improve his family situation including his wife and two young children… significant in that the individual has lost touch with any church and is receptive to bringing God in for help.

    Today I’m going to visit my aging mother and tell her how much I appreciate all she’s done for me and our family. Along the way I’ll talk to my children about how they can let God work through them this week.

    You should start a new page on Worshipcity where people can post ways they find to honor God any time. I bet there would be all sorts of things from world tour mission trips, giving a few bucks to someone in need, chatting with someone else’ grandmother in church.

  5. May 12, 2007 at 8:56 pm

    great post…for some reason…My wordpress and reader werent reading your site…so now im reading the last 4 days worth.lol

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