That’s What She Said

Some Office news for all you Office junkies like me. I’m ferociously trying to catch up on my Office podcast, I think it’s the only non-religious podcast I subscribe to which indicates that I need more podcasts!

I thought this bit of news was worth passing along:

  • The Office time slot is moving to the 9 PM/8 central time slot. Toe to toe with they heavy hitters: Grey’s Anatomy and C.S.I. We’re also looking at getting 6 hour long episodes! WOOHOO!
  • Call the Pervert Hotline! Yup, if you noticed the ‘This Man’s a Pervert‘ sign had a real working number before. To my knowledge it’s been used before but it’s worth checking out again b/c the message is new and pretty hilarious. If unbelievable, Dwight parting with a prized possesion?? Hmmm. Check it out for yourself: 1-800-984-3672.

This past week was funny with a good ‘JAM‘ explosion but I really enjoyed the episode 2 weeks ago and am dieing to know: Who’s given in to curiosity and checked out the women’s restroom?!?!


1 Response to “That’s What She Said”

  1. 1 Rae
    May 17, 2007 at 8:06 am

    I too like The Office but they need to step it up cause there last couple of episodes have not been that funny. Although I am curious to find out what Jim will do/say to what Pam told him!

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