Get LOST – Season Finale Spoiler Discussion

So, I received some excitement around LOST’s season finale. What’d you think?!?! I think 24 needs to take some notes from how a season finale should look like…oh that’s going to hurt 🙂 HAHAHAHA.

I loved it. 2 hours seemed to drag on not because of the show but it seemed there were more commercials this time around? Maybe because this was one intense sitting of television or because I was rocking at one of the coolest parties since college thrown by Scoots! I need to get some pics up b/c she had her house ‘Dharma-ed’ out! It was greatness!

So thoughts-

  • Cyclops needs goggles. But only 1 goggle to cover his good eye! I never want to see that wretched eye again!
  • How come some people die and others don’t! What’s up with this? I mean we all kind of knew Locke wasn’t dead. But how come characters like he and Cyclops and parachute girl are jim dandy and we have Mr. Echo getting singled out, the idiot couple that got buried alive, Anna Lucia, Hurley’s girlfriend psych ward mystery, and more that get axed! There has to be something here. I mean you have to be ‘able to die.’ B/c Ben told Cyclops to kill the girls in the hatch. But how come he didn’t die with a flippin’ arrow through the heart? I haven’t figured this out but its the big mystery on my mind right now. Yes I know the island has special healing powers, but can it be selective? I don’t know.
  • IS CHARLIE DEAD? Yeah we saw him drown which was lame b/c all he had to do was swim out the blown out hatch. What if he floated out of the hatch up to the surface and b/c of the island’s special healing powers he come back to life!!! BUM BUM BUUUMMM!!
  • Jacob – Ben’s alter-ego or truly supernatural mojo? Someone brought up that it’s Ben’s alter-ego and that he might not even ‘know.’ Like he’s got multiple personality disorder? Interesting idea.
  • I so totally called Michael and Walt returning on the finale. I didn’t really get it but Walt popping up freaked us all out!
  • Jack finally manning up! Leading the group! Not caving in to Ben’s trap, beating the hell out of Ben! standing up to Locke! Sweet Christmas it’s about time. I loved it. His character has taken this arc and his motivation to get off the island should keep him fired up and us excited!
  • Juliet still is a double talking witch and I still don’t trust her. Sawyer’s back to himself. HURLEY IS THE MAN! Love me some Hurley, DUDE!! HAHAHAHA.
  • It’ll be interesting to see how this whole Penny seeking Desmond/Parachute girl’s boat/Ben’s warning against ‘them’ finding the island will turn out!
  • FLASHBACKS – So are they no longer flashBACKS! Are we now seeing flashFORWARDS! What an awesome twist! I think our next contest is going to be “Who’s in the Box!!” or “Who’s with Kate!!” or “How long after ‘off the island’ are we!!”

I’m completely dug in to LOST again. I heard that the season though will pick back up in the Spring of ’08 instead of Fall of ’07 so that’s a long way away. I imagine they’ll begin with some more online games and mysteries or competitions of some sort to keep us all engaged. Those are my thoughts, what are yours?!?!


6 Responses to “Get LOST – Season Finale Spoiler Discussion”

  1. 1 jaeka
    May 26, 2007 at 1:26 pm

    I have been into Lost since the first season. The mysteries that they lie upon us keep me attached to the show. One thing that kinda seemed off was that they have only been on the island for a few months and Walt seems to have grown up so much. The could have made him look a little younger. Charlie knew that he was eventually going to die, and the pressure from the water coming him would have made him hard for him to escape. I believe that he thought he was meant to die, and figured it should be now, when he left on a good note with Claire. The flashfowards really got me. I thought Jack’s father was dead? Now Jack is drunk and saying why don’t you get my father and something about him being more drunk than Jack- his father wasn’t in the coffin on the island.. so did he escape and come back to life?? or was it all in him imagination??
    I can’t wait until the new season so I can see what happens.. I am left with so many questions and thoughts.

  2. May 26, 2007 at 1:56 pm

    YES! I almost forgot! I picked up on that as well, it’s obvious a flashforward but ‘drunker than my father!’ I think they intentionally left us wondering: is this dude completely tripping or is his dad alive?
    I did feel this was the best way for Charlie to leave if he truly needed to.
    Great comments!

  3. 3 snowjunkie
    May 28, 2007 at 2:42 pm

    I picked up on that “drunker than my father” thing too. I thought, maybe these “flash-forwards” are actually relating to what happens at the end of the next series?? That will give them time to fill in the gaps.

    Has John has killed that girl for no reason whatsoever.

    Who is in the coffin?

    Who is Kate with at the end? Sawyer?

  4. May 28, 2007 at 7:04 pm

    A cool concept would be if these flash-forwards began a sequence of events that moved backwards in time now to the present: “Memento-esque.”

    Your John/girl comment has me confused.

  5. 5 snowjunkie
    May 29, 2007 at 4:15 am

    Locke killed the girl with the satellite phone… forget her name. Did he do that out of selfishness (to stay on the island) or because he thought she was bad (Charlies “Not Penny’s Boat” + Ben’s stories)?

    But since they got off the island, maybe she wasn’t bad after all.

    I sure hope JJ Abrams doesn’t try to wrap up Lost as ridicuously as he did with Alias. Man he ruined that one in the last series.

  6. May 29, 2007 at 10:07 am

    Whose funeral Jack went to that no one else went to — it had to have been somebody on the island, and they didn’t tell us who it was, because then we’d know would who it was that died and had no one (but Jack) show up to his funeral. Very likely it’s Sawyer. That’s the easy answer. Which would also mean that he and Kate don’t end up together.

    It also looked like Kate stopped running.

    Also, if one-eyed-Willy (sorry – I saw Pirates of the Caribbean over the weekend) can survive, then I’m sure that Charlie can survive. Unless they show the person die, the person isn’t dead – not on the island!

    Based on the growth of Jack’s beard, it looks like he has been off the island for just a few months, since it’s unkempt and he likely started it on the island, in the “flash-forward”. That was a dirty trick, by the way, making the flash-backs flash-forwards without telling us.

    As far as whether or not Jack’s father is dead, Jack was doped up, so there’s as good as chance that his dad is dead as not.

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