What’s wrong with me?

Rae and I watch very little TV. Seriously. I gloat about my best friend, TiVo and how wonderful this lil invention is and how he reads my mind and eliminates all the crap that I normally get caught up in. It’s been great…so far.

Not since The Ultimate Fighter 2, has sheer curiosity compelled me to watch a TV show. For whatever reason Rae actually loves the UFC now as well so its something we enjoy together. Unfortunately, I think I just got dumber after tonight.

We had like 3 episodes of Flavor of Love: Charm School on TiVo and ran down 2 tonight killing time. What is wrong with me! Why is this train wreck garbage on television in the 1st place and why did we put up with it for nearly 2 hours while we vegged out on the sofas after an excruciatingly long Memorial Day weekend? It’s awful! The most vile, trashy, disgusting, illiterate women trying to learn class and charm from who!?!?! MO’NIQUE! And her 2 swashbuckling idiot sidekicks! Sweet Jesus, we need a new euphemism besides “throwing them to the wolves!” There’s no worse psychobabble and double-standard gibberish on a self help show than whats coming out of the mouths of these people! AND insult to injury, they’re using this 10 Commandments theme and verbiage to communicate their rules of ‘Charm School.’

Then it all came home like a ton of bricks. After the credits role, I suppose this is their publishing monikor or maybe the production company? I’m not sure b/c I’m sure this is another reality show churned out by VH1 so I really don’t know who this is, regardless, the last logo/name you see as the show ends: “Mindless Entertainment.” That says it all. And I caved in to it.

I need to go read C.S. Lewis or take an S.A.T. test or something! I definitely goin’ take a showr, shoo. Kick rocks, deuces!

Charm School


2 Responses to “What’s wrong with me?”

  1. May 29, 2007 at 8:14 am

    I was watching Runs house last night and fell asleep…My wife comes into the living room and on it is Flavor of love. lol Her exact words are…”what the hell are you watching.” lol I watched it once on purpose and realized…I could be making a dental appointment.

  2. 2 donnasowens
    June 2, 2007 at 3:56 am

    I LOVE CHARM SCHOOL!! it is hilarious! this is what i deal with all day at work! maybe that’s why it’s so funny! and yes, mindless entertainment to

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