Hot off the press!! CROWDER News – new guitarist!

Before you can say “Taylor ‘the Kid’ Johnson” we’re on to someone new! Unfortunately, for many Crowder fans, it was a sad day when Jason Solley bowed out and took some personal time over his position in the DC*B. Solley was an insane guitarist that provided witty banter and fun dialog with Mr. Crowder. Kind of under the radar and at the same time of the announcement of his exit was news of ‘the Kid’ joining the Crowder Band. I was particularly interested to see how Solley’s shoes would be filled. I’m glad I got to see them at least once with Taylor Johnson because it appears he too is passing through and we have a new member to the DC*B!

Mark Waldrop appears to be the new axe slinging right hand man to Mr. Crowder. I suppose we’ll see him on the Club Tour this fall and I am again extremely anxious to see how this works out. I actually have half a mind to move to Waco and set up a lil space on the corner out front of UBC Waco so the next time a guitarist is needed and they turn to the locals, I’ll at least be in the vicinity 🙂

For the full scoop head over to Crowder’s Xanga site. I’m also sure Bwack’s forum is going to explode with buzz as it did when news of Taylor’s arrival, if it hasn’t already. I still can’t fathom what would be better than stage right of the DC*B?!?! I don’t know?

Crowder Band

Could that also be a white shirt with perhaps a green cross on the front?!?! I so totally dig these guys art work as well. They’re the inspiration for the tattoos I’ll probably never get but always talk about getting 🙂


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