2007 MTV Movie Award Shenanigans

I don’t know who else cares or not but here’s my thoughts after watching this year’s MTV Movie Awards.  Being an avid movie watcher I love peeking into these and seeing what MTV thinks. Here goes!

  • Jack’s getting old 😦 but totally deserving of BEST VILLAIN! I mean he killed in The Departed!
  • Sarah Silverman isn’t that funny.
  • When did it become the ‘cool thing’ to drop random 4 letter words blatantly on ‘Live TV?!?’
  • Bruce Willis wearing a tropical T-shirt? Then changing into black duds? I mean changing clothes at all is ridiculous! He wasn’t even the host!
  • 300 bringing home Best Fight! If they didn’t, I’d have changed the channel right then.
  • I could listen to Dane Cook for hours but his new hair freaked me out.
  • 1st Musical Performance of the night: Jay-Z & Rhianna – there’s a small big o’ thug in me that luvs some Jay-Z. I hated S.O.S. so my anticipation for Rhianna’s new song was way down low. I was actually pleasantly surprised. The ‘sound and style’ of the song were heavily influenced by rock riffs. I kind of dug it until it got to the monotonous lack luster chorus.
  • Best Comedic Performance should have gone to the Will Farrell and Sacha Cohen when they accepted the award for Best Kiss! I mean come on, we all knew it would happen but I didn’t guess it would go down like that. Those 2 are hysterical! “My lips still smell of Will!” HAHAHAHAHA!
  • Sarah actually made me laugh with the ‘Find a Presenter to Deliver Best Breakthrough Performance‘ Montage! Witty and funny! If she’s actually to blame for that then I give her credit b/c it was great!
  • Best Movie Spoofs was a new category that featured some lame amateur aspiring movie dudes and the only one that I actually thought was decent was the winner: United 300. Great job with that one!
  • The Generation Award goes to Mike Myers!! Woohoo!
  • 2nd Musical Performance of the night – Amy Winehouse. I’ve been hearing her a ton lately and I’m totally digging the sound and vibe. My only dissappointment was this time the lacking of substance in the song construction. I mean sweet Lord there’s only 2 progressions throughout the entire thing and the gal up there simply wagged in front of the mic. I couldn’t go to a show of hers. Sorry.
  • Anybody catch ole boy telling Johnny Depp to ‘Thank the writers!’ I was a bit thrown by that. I mean your on stage live with a mic in front of you and you’re going to tell Johnny Depp to ‘Thank the writers!’ That was odd.
  • Oh and what a way to top it off at the end!! MuteMath plays as the presenters for Best Movie walk up on stage! Way to go guys!!

Thank goodness I TiVoed this and we watched it right after it ended. The flood of shameful marketing was rediculous. I’ve been pumped to see Transformers since I caught wind of it but I think I’ve seen the movie now. Besides actual media they were selling everything from Orbit to Pontiac to Flavored Water and this wasn’t the commercials…NO THIS WAS DURING THE SHOW!

Anyone else watch this or was this another attempt to fool myself into feeling younger!


3 Responses to “2007 MTV Movie Award Shenanigans”

  1. June 4, 2007 at 8:22 am

    ha ha…amazing that i have nothing to ad…you basically said exactly what i was thinking…litereally every detail. wierd

  2. 2 donnasowens
    June 5, 2007 at 3:02 pm

    i did not watch. lately everything MTV does is simply…..tired. maybe I’m old too 😉

  3. 3 sam
    June 29, 2007 at 3:11 pm

    nice topic .
    thank you.

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