Thumbs UP/DOWN: Dissappointing start to June

I was a bit disappointed with the releases immediately following my birthday. There doesn’t really seem anything worthwhile to review. I found 3 to talk about but couldn’t even bring myself to rate them today.  The overall week gets a:

Thumbs down

I’ll let you be the judge for these CDs individually however.

Paul McCartneyMemory Almost Full – Well it’d be hard not to mention this CD today since you’ll probably hear more of it than I will today if you stop in to Starbucks. (I had to hit the drive thru this morning.) Apparently Starbucks will be playing Sir Paul’s new CD all day today in their stores. I’m going to totally cause a ripple in the time/space continuum today by a musician putting such a blasphemous statement out on the internet like this but: “I’ve just never really gotten into the Beatles, much less Paul McCartney.” Now before you punch your computer screen and wail in agony, I respect and admire them tremendously for their contributions to music and am familiar with some of their works, I just tend to find something else to listen to typically over the Beatles or Sir Paul.

That being said, reviews are saying that this is a valiant attempt at a great work, by no means will it likely be called a ‘classic’ CD of Sir Paul but “it plays into these classifications with grace, humor, and most importantly a joyous sense of what music is supposed to do: make you feel good, make you feel sad, make you feel anything outside your normal parameters of experience.” (Thanks IGN.)

Let me know what you think of it if you’ve stopped in to Starbucks this today!

Chris CornellCarry On – I’ve always been captivated by Chris’ voice. I remember hearing Temple of the Dog and being stunned! So, my grunge roots has always had me following those guys around. Unfortunately, Chris’ 2nd solo release is a mixture of good, bad, and mostly just sort of there. This CD does NOT rock. So, call it progressing, call it burning out, call it maturing, call it what you will but for those about to rock, don’t look here. There are quite a bit of “average groove rock” tunes that fill up the 14 track CD sprinkled with some rock and ballads.

And what’s that? Billie Jean? Huh…could it be? Oh yes it is! Chris decided to take our familiar Michael Jackson thriller: Billie Jean and transform it into this waltzy ballady groove. You’ll probably love this or hate it entirely. That goes for the CD as well.

Marilyn MansonEat Me, Drink Me – So the deviant of the dark side has his 6th studio release today. What amused me most were the reviews and comments already surrounding this CD.

“…comparatively guitar-heavy, melodic work that chronicles obsessive relationships, cannibalism (both real and symbolic), and emotional violence.”

You’ve got to love songs about cannibalism (both real and symbolic.) That cracks me up.

RealRock on iTunes tries to tamely criticize MM

“This is as phone as Pro Wrestling. Poser. We already have a Satan.”

But with a heading like Poo Poo, Devil Style, I just can’t stop laughing…and…Pro Wrestling isn’t real???


4 Responses to “Thumbs UP/DOWN: Dissappointing start to June”

  1. June 5, 2007 at 9:17 am

    Ok no real surprise on these but something worth noting. I’m with you on the Beatles. I pray that when I’m in my 40’s I don’t keep harping on little kids about how great Nirvana was and how music today sucks. The old timers just can’t get off the Beatles. They were good we get it alright. Frankly Sir Paul didn’t even blip on my musical radar after the Beatles broke up and he still doesn’t.

    Chris Cornell, well I’ve said it a hundred times and I’ll say it once more. Solo albums are stupid. They make no sense to me. Just put out another audioslave cd and shut up! What is the need for solo projects other than a chance to exploit loyal fans that will buy your crap just because they like the band you were in. That being said I have an old bootleg of Billie Jean played live. Really good stuff. The dude can sing there is no denying that but he needs to just stick with a band and rock.

    Marilyn Manson, this dude falls kinda in the Trent Reznor category. He is a musical geniuses but messed up in the head. If only they used their powers for good.

  2. June 5, 2007 at 9:46 am

    Never been a fan of the beetles either…although i feel like i should punch the computer. hmmm

    and im with superman…nirvana changed everything…

    Cornell solo stuff is crap…one of the best rock vocalaists out there but he does need the other guys. Him, gary cherone, grol…3 of the best.

    Superman is dead on…he is genius like trent and michael jackson and prince…but they are all MENTAL…

    hmm…i wish the man of steel didnt write there cus it seems i just copy and pasted what he wrote

  3. June 5, 2007 at 9:50 am

    Ave Maria by Chris Cornell is one of my all time favorite Christmas songs.

  4. 4 worshipguitarist
    June 8, 2007 at 8:00 am

    Chris Cornell is one of those guys who can do no wrong in my eyes.

    I really liked Euphoria Morning, his first solo record. There are some really great songs one there, and it’s nice to be able to hear Chris sing without having to listen to Kim Thayil. I love Soundgarden, but I always hated how Kim Thayil played.

    Having said that, I never really got into Audioslave that much. It never sounded like a band to me. It sounded like RATM with Chris Cornell on vocals. Also, Tom Morello just bores the crap out of me. Yeah, ok, you can make some weird noises by putting your guitar on the ground and stepping on 169 different stompboxes – how about playing something now? It doesn’t help matters that he holds himself in such high regard socially, politically, and musically.

    I haven’t heard the new CC record, but I have heard a live bootleg of him doing an acoustic show in Sweden. Holy crap, man. That guy can still sing.

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