This’ll sting a little…no longer stings

Today I found myself in a familiar situation. I know exactly what will happen now and this time I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. It happens pretty much the same way:

  • Check in is weird b/c I always forget they have my first name and not Conner (I’m a Jr. so I go by my middle name.)
  • 2 nurses come in and take my vitals and ask how I’m feeling.
  • Swab my throat to rule out Strep.
  • Doc comes in and takes my vitals and asks again how I’m feeling.
  • Nurse comes back in with long needle.
  • Drop trou and take the weight off my right leg.
  • Nurse says: “This’ll sting a little.”
  • Pick up a Tootsie Roll Pop on the way out and thank them very much.

However, today I asked the Doc to grab my chart b/c this is such a familiar process I feel like I’m having an affair as much as these ladies are getting a peek at my bum! I’ve been in to see the Walk-in Clinic or my ENT every other month since last October with some sort of allergy problem. So, today she prescribed me some precautionary meds and nasal spray on top of getting the shot in the bum! I’ll try these for a month and hopefully won’t see them back until the fall!


Off to the post-shot nap!


1 Response to “This’ll sting a little…no longer stings”

  1. June 16, 2007 at 12:13 pm


    Might wanna give it 2-3 mos before ruling out the nosesprays, etc. I have the same issues, but Nasonex and el-cheapo WalMart brand claritin do wonders for me – but I had to get it in my system for a few mos before I could tell the difference.

    Even still, w/ all the issues I’ve had, it’s never been a “drop you drawers” solution … sounds like happy nurses to me! LOL

    God bless,

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