Battle Royale!

What a night!!! I know, I know, you’re not supposed to like fighting but dying to know what all the buzz was about Rachael and I sat down and watched an episode of The Ultimate Fighter 2 seasons ago and ever since we have been hooked! I don’t know what it is, I’m not a fan of wrestling or boxing but Mixed Martial Arts is my guilty pleasure!  And there hasn’t been a night like last night in a great long while! I don’t know if its because this season was all Lightweights or what? I mean top weight was 155 people! THAT’S ME! But these boys are crazy! In case you missed it I’ll recap my favorite highlights!

Gray vs. Emerson – Gray was my choice from this past season. I look at him and know their lying when they say he’s 155 b/c boy has some shoulders and arms! DANG! He made it pretty far in the season and just is a hoss of an athlete! This was the most amazing fight b/w he and Emerson. I mean at 1 point Emerson was on his back with Gray standing over him and Gray swiped those legs and landed the craziest, heaviest body shot to the ribs I’ve seen! It was insane! Then in the 2nd round he picks up Emerson and slams him so hard to the mat you see Emerson’s face explode with pain and immediately taps. The rub is that Gray rocks himself b/c he slammed his own head into the mat at the same time! The official ruled it a No Contest saying Gray knocked himself out. I call shenanigans. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen!

Joe vs. Brandon – Joe is another true athlete and my 2nd pick. Brandon was forced to tap out when Joe caught him in a triangle. Another great fight. Up and down!

Nate vs. Manny – This was supposed to be the highlight of the night. The winner of this fight would be crowned The Ultimate Fighter 5, win a 6 figure contract, and get a blinged out watch. I don’t like either of these fighters. They’re what people probably don’t like about this sport. Both scrappers. Joe even said about Nate:”He’s a scrapper, he’s someone you’d see take a fight in the parking lot.” Both have connections to current UFC fighters, if you watch then you know who I’m talking about and if you don’t then you probably don’t care. Manny came out like a pit bull (he’s stands like a mere 5’5″)! He totally controlled the fight, pushed Nate, banged on Nate standing up and on the ground, unfortunately early in the 2nd round going after Nate for a take down, he dislocated his shoulder! Another crazy end. Nate was crowned the victor and won this season.

Cole vs. Wang – What a joke. Cole is a standup newbie in the sport. Wang was a joke. Wang is supposedly this brilliant jujitsu fighter but no one can tell b/c he won’t listen to his corner and take his opponents to the ground! During the season he decided to brawl with Brandon and got demolished. He then sat in a corner and cried wondering how he lost?!?!?! Cole’s got reach, he’s got arms and so what does Wang do to show us his earlier fight in the season was a fluke??? HE STANDS UP AND BRAWLS! Cole hits him with a brilliant left high kick across the temple and levels Wang then pounces and finishes the fight with over a dozen unanswered hits. Poor Wang, this sport is not for you buddy.

Jens Pulver vs. B.J. Penn – Coach vs. Coach from this season’s TUF. Bad blood just like the Tito/Shamrock ordeal from 2 seasons ago. Jens delivered Penn’s 1st loss and was a huge upset and Penn doesn’t respect Jens and is pretty bitter about the whole deal. This is the grudge match. I don’t like B.J. yeah he came out the better fighter last night but what a jerk. Jens was such a great coach and athlete I just wanted him to win! But B.J. came with more to prove. Another crazy fight up and down, blow for blow, submissions and breaks, SO FREAKIN’ TENSE!!! B.J. finally came out on top with a superior ground game and ended this grudge match live on TV. Unfortunately the lil prick wouldn’t stick around for his after fight interview and just said:”You want to know how B.J. Penn feels? Check out BJPenn.com!” and walks out of the octagon!

What a night. Full of 155 scrappers and athletes! I can’t believe though that we sat through 2 hours of fights! Great googlie-mooglie. I heard they announced the coaches for TUF6 and Matt Hughes is going to coach again! OH HAPPY DAY! Matt is a hoss!

UFC 73 Saturday July, 7th!!! Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans among others! Who’s with me???


2 Responses to “Battle Royale!”

  1. 1 Kimmy
    June 25, 2007 at 3:10 pm

    Exactly how did you talk your wife into watching this? hehe

  2. June 25, 2007 at 9:59 pm

    My wife is the beez neez! (I don’t know how you’d spell it but that’s how Jack Black pronounced it on School of Rock.)
    No seriously, we used to watch MXC EVERY NIGHT! On Spike. You know Most Extreme Elimination Challenge with Kenny Blankenship and Vic Romano and that would come on immediately following. Forever we were like: UFC is dumb and mindless and to have a reality show about it is stupid. Well one night we decided to catch an episode and see what it was all about. It was awesome. I mean just crazy! She AND I have been hooked since. Weird I know.
    I do have a cool story, I’ll share probably on Wednesday about it too. I forgot and it’s cool.

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