Thumbs UP/DOWN: Paramore causes a RIOT

Thumbs up ParamoreRiot – Not your typical review here but as I’ve said before I’m also the Youth Director at my church. If your high school youth group looks like mine: Vans/Chucks with alot of Black & Pink who love playing Guitar Hero then you might have already heard of Paramore. They’re one of those bands that just make me sick, but in a good way. I mean this powerhouse of a GIRL isn’t even 20! The whole band isn’t even old enough to order drinks at most of the venues they probably play! But that doesn’t stop them from rockin’ out. How in the world Avril Lavigne popped up as the face of the young female rocker I’ll never know b/c to me this group kills! Catchy, crazy riffs, infectious lyrics, and actually talented these bunch of kids are pulling off stuff that really surprises me!

In the vein of Cartel/Yellowcard/Simple Plan/Boys Like Girls/etc. this chick holds her own in a genre dominated by men…or boys 🙂

All We Know is Falling dropped in 2005 and got a ton of buzz from Alternative Press,The New York Times, and MTV. I picked it up when my brother dropped some stuff on a burned disc with Cartel. This CD slays that one! For me the CD starts really with That’s What You Get and is just almost bubblegummy catchy. Truly infectious with a cool guitar riff that keeps the song rolling. It rolls hard through Hallelujah and Misery Business until it slows down with When it Rains. I’m truly impressed with that one and its one of my favs ya’ll! HAHAHA. The simplistic approach structurally is really respectful and again I dig the guitar riff!

To me the CD falls into a little bit of a slump with the last group of songs. I don’t know if its because I liked the beginning so much or what? Miracle and Born for This are probably the most noteworthy. They try and flip it up a bit with some dropped tuning and a bit darker sound with Crushcrushcrush and then again change directions and try a lil dance big band beat thingy with Fences. I’ll give them an A for effort for sure.

Like I said, my kids love this group and especially this CD so I figured it was worth noting. I will add, they are NOT what is labeled a “Christian” band. I hate that label anyway. There are however songs here that you could (and I will) use with your group to intro certain topics and use as background filler. I even plan on using some to play because it’d be just fun to get into some of that.

Thumbs up Kelly ClarksonMy December – I didn’t really have time to listen to this one. I simply ran through the excerpts on iTunes but I’ve got to say that what I heard was ridiculous. I mean girl’s got pipes! And I’ve heard nothing but tension surrounding this release and how much Kelly wanted to do it a certain way. Boy it sounds like it paid off for her. The clips just sounded nuts! I can’t wait to dig in and find out what’s there.

Seven PlacesGlowing – HANDS DOWN BEST UNDISCOVERED TALENT! And then this CD pops up on iTunes. I’m not so sure what to think. Found these guys touring with Jeremy Camp and Sanctus Real a few years back and was just stone cold floored by their lyrics, their song-writing, their hooks, the whole 9 yards. The last word I heard was that they ‘disbanded.’ No news of a CD, no website, no mySpace, etc. I guess that’s gotten fixed. Their first two “indie” CDs were insane. I guess “Hear Us Say Jesus” wasn’t too indie, it can be found on iTunes. This one…needs another listen to. I’ll get back with you.


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