1st bit of iPhone disappointment

I truck on over to my local Cingular/AT&T store to check out the buzz on the iPhone, get some questions answered, simply play around on it and nobody’s there! Wow! But as I approached the door a lil sign in the window read:

“We do not carry, contract, or answer any questions regarding the iPhone at this location.”

So that was a total bummer. I do finally get over to another one and they won’t do anything either. Not until 6:00 tonight. Their shutting the store down at 3:30 to revamp everything and will open it up to the lines at 6. The lil AT&T rep couldn’t even really answer any of my questions “Sorry, you’ll have to wait til 6” was all I really heard for each of my questions. One of them was about the plans which are already posted all over the internet I told him but still no luck.

So I suppose its more of an AT&T disappointment but nonetheless it’s about to pour down here in South Louisiana that will suck to be waiting outside in. I suppose I might not be getting one today.


2 Responses to “1st bit of iPhone disappointment”

  1. June 29, 2007 at 3:48 pm

    Don’t forget the fact that Apple is controlling the number of iPhones getting out there. They want to keep the buzz up, and leave people clamoring for more.
    I can wait. I guarantee you the 2nd gen iPhone will be enough of an improvement to warrant being patient…

  2. June 29, 2007 at 9:23 pm

    Yeah, i’m just glad that they are exclusive to AT&T .. if they worked on Verizon, I’d be tempted – big time .. especially ’cause my Treo 650 is eligible for the “new in two” upgrade plan.

    Let me know if you make the plunge!
    For the Kingdom,

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