Great Escape Words 1

So last week I took my Middle School youth to Great Escape, a Middle School week long camp, where I was also the camp Worship Leader. It was SICK! I loved every minute of it. It was my first time leading worship at a camp, much less for Middle Schoolers. I’d like to share some of my thoughts since many of you operate in the worship realm as well as the youth realm.

Observation Numero 1: MIDDLE SCHOOL KIDS ARE NUTS! Yeah totally nuts! The first night our song selection was:

  1. Our Love is Loud
  2. Take it all
  3. Every Move I Make
  4. No One Like You

And I’m certain there was a fif but I can’t remember. These kids were so wild they actually carried and led Every Move I Make. We totally rip off Crowder’s version of this song and do it with a slower shuffle feel which is kinda cool. After the verse we loop it instrumentally and repeat it…oh no! The kids would not have that! They kept on going and sang so loudly I motioned to the band to follow them and we followed along! It was the greatest! I’ve never had that happen before.

They also went buck wild with Take It All! Incredibly exhilarating and wonderful to experience! An entire room of students throwing their fists in the air and chanting: TAKE TAKE TAKE IT ALL!! is such a beautiful thing!

Observation Numero 2: Camp is exhausting! Pulling double duty was just physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting! That being said, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had and I’d love to fill my summer months next year chock full of camps! I mean the days were just non-stop. Planning meetings before breakfast, breakfast, leader’s meetings, sound check, leading worship, break time (listening to the speaker! HA!), straight to rec, and then finally a true break: lunch! Then before that started all over again we had ‘free time rec’ which we would use to practice some days and then back to meetings, worship, message, then late night that would last until 11:00 each night. So doing that 4 1/2 days in a row is nuts with 11 wild and crazy middle school boys and girls!

I thought at the end of the week that I’d never do it again. It did take some time away from spending time with my own youth group with practicing and planning and such, however, after talking to the other leaders that came with my group I’ve changed me mind. Surprisingly, the said the opposite. My youth apparently LOVED the fact that the ‘camp celebrity’ was their youth pastor! They were so proud that I was up there leading worship. I think it was great too because the bassist I had play with the band was one of our high school students, so that was doubly special! PLEASE do not read into me being prideful here and patting myself on the back. ‘Camp celebrity’ and such are words they used to describe us. I was incredibly awkward and uncomfortable (at least in my mind) at the beginning of the week because I’d never been in this environment. I’ve been begging for feedback ever since I got back. Apparently though the kids ate it up and loved every minute of it! A great testament of a great God and what’s He’s able to do in the hands of an obedient willing person šŸ™‚


2 Responses to “Great Escape Words 1”

  1. July 27, 2007 at 10:38 pm

    I worked in camps for many years as both summer and full time staff. I learned to lead worship at camp and reading your post brought back a lot of good memories.

  2. July 28, 2007 at 1:13 pm

    Great experience, man … I’m tired already, though!

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