This Day in Music – Vacation Recap

I got a chance to listen to a ton of music over the past few weeks. Nothing tremendously new but worth mentioning.

The AlmostSouthern Weather – WOW. This GUY has captivated me. The drummer for Underoath apparently struck out on his own accord and did a solo CD where he laid down pretty much everything except this choir that’s featured on one of the songs, the strings on another, and the slide guitar on a 3rd. It’s quite amazing. Aaron Gillespie is apparently a musical freak and shouldn’t have so much talent 🙂 It’s definitely the emo-rock that rules right now but there are some stand out riffs and 2 incredibly mature and lyrically hard, stylized soft masterpieces that I love!  Dirty and Left Out – which is where the slide comes into play and Amazing, Because it is – which features the choir in the background and an insane vamp of the Amazing Grace chorus! Kudo Aaron!

Hillsong UnitedLook To You – United We Stand -All of the Above – I didn’t realize it but by the time vacation hit I had 3 of my 6 CDs in my changer as these CDs. WOW revisit the earlier CDs get the newer ones! Nuggets on all of them! There’s a home run formula that these guys have found that makes these a must have for musicians and those working with Youth!!!

One Republic – Apologize – So You Think You Can Dance is proving time and time again to be worth it’s salt! These cats performed on the show (I don’t remember when, we had some catching up to do) with this single, Apologize. It was great! Fortunately/unfortunately, you can only find them on Timbaland’s new CD Shockvalue. Yeah Timba’s got talent but sweet Lord talk about overkill! Live they were insane, piano, guitar, cello or upright bass I couldn’t tell, drums, and cool keys. Timba’s version has his fingerprints all over the beat churning in the background (for better or worse.)


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