The Family That Rocks Together Stays Together

Tonight was perfect!

We trucked downtown to catch an old friend play an all ages show, and by ‘we’ I mean: Me, Rae, AND Chloe. It was great! Loti is nuts, I’ll have to find some links to his stuff because it’s hilarious. He played the drums with his right hand, keys, with his left, and sang. It was hysterical and powerful! Loti is the man!

Then his band A Soup Named Stew came up and Loti switched to the guitar and vocals and he had bass, drums, and another guitarist join him. They’re total fun! They have a song about Robot Dentists, Llamas…or no Monkeys, and their big hit: Penguins!

Chloe was all into it! We were dancing and jumping around and she was running all over the place! In between Loti’s “One Man Band” set and ASNS set she got brave and approached the stage to check out all the gear (ALREADY HER DADDY’S GIRL! HAHAHA!) For ASNS’s set we sat right in front and bounced around together in front of the stage. I looked away and she was climbing up onto it! SHAMELESS!

So her 1st concert was perfect!

Then we get home and put Chloe together as Rae and I settle down to some 80’s action on Guitar Hero Encore! Life is good! I only wish I had pics!!

How was your Friday night?!?!

Next Friday night is ‘Guy’s Night!‘ Sweet Lord I can’t wait! Rae will be out of town, Chloe at MiMi and Paw Paws! Fun stuff to share next weekend! HAHAHA!


2 Responses to “The Family That Rocks Together Stays Together”

  1. August 12, 2007 at 11:33 pm

    Sweet. Your wife and daughter play guitar hero with you?

  2. August 13, 2007 at 8:05 am

    Hmm that sentence doesn’t make much sense does it?
    “Then we get home and put Chloe together as Rae and I settle down to some 80ā€™s action on Guitar Hero Encore!”

    I’m trying to get Rae to play Guitar Hero, Chloe’s no where close yet. Rae is close since the new 80s edition has been released šŸ™‚

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