Male Bonding At Its Finest

3 years into Rae and I dating I got scared. It was weird. We had spent 2 years apart and now, finally, she was with me at LSU and we were living on campus and going to classes together, eating lunch together, going out together, hanging out with friends together, studying together, going to the Ghetto-mart together, walking around campus together, catching shows together, for a couple who’d spent 2 years in a long distance relationship this should be Heaven!!! Right??? After a semester of that though, I got worried and I didn’t know what was wrong. I wondered if this was what they meant by feeling claustrophobic or suffocated, yet I knew I still really wanted to be with her. Then it happened, I got asked that 2nd semester to join some friends for basketball at the Rec on Fridays and it was when Rae still had class and I didn’t (silly Freshmen don’t know how to schedule themselves off early on Fridays!)

It was amazing! That hour to hour and half each week actually strengthened my feelings and relationship with Rae! It was really weird but I realized that male bonding is truly a wonderful thing. Not that even now my relationship with my wife isn’t incredibly secure nor are the feelings for my daughter anything less that Gozilla strong and I love, desire, and need my family but we had a Guy’s Night Friday that was insane and again, lighted me up for my wife and kid!

It was all things GUY too! Burgers, beer, poker, guitar hero for like 5 or 6 hours! My house was trashed! HAHAHA! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time and it was great too because I could see in my friends eyes that they might have needed as much as I didas well. There was this gleam and almost electricity as they bounded into the kitchen! Around 8 of my closest friends, including my brother showed up and we enjoyed one another’s company.

Don’t feel sorry for my wife either! She was in Biloxi with about 6 girls for a friend of her’s who’s getting married!

If I may make a suggestion: MAKE TIME FOR YOUR FAMILY! It’s of the utmost importance, but make time for yourselves as well. (Oh geez, that sounded like a Jerry Springer line.)


1 Response to “Male Bonding At Its Finest”

  1. August 20, 2007 at 9:50 pm

    ha ha ha

    jerry jerry jerry jerry

    steve steve steve

    ok ill stop cus its kinda sad that I know both chants..

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